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Mockers Needs Officers |

clan_doesnt_cheatHello everyone. First of all a big thank-you to everyone who joined our game session last night. It was a short one with two rounds of play, which is just fine. Tonight we’ll be able to play for longer, so that’ll be nice too!

Right now my best playing time is during the week. So I need someone to help with the Mockers in general but also to arrange games on the weekends. This would entail putting up clan messages in the game, and also posting articles here (I’d give you the correct permissions to allow you to post here). These articles would be to arrange games night on weekends, similar to this post. It also involves discussing the games a bit afterward, because that’s always fun.

You don’t have to be a good player to be an officer. You just have to be be willing to post and to talk about games and to play a lot! Of course, you also have to create games, so you have to know how to create and edit games, add passwords, etc.

Of course, the officer position is only open to clan members. 🙂


    I’ll be an officer! Let me know what you need me to do. Just got my General rank today and looking to use tonight. When will we go clan vs. clan?

  • doshin730

    I’ll be an officer. I know the game pretty well (purple valor rank this week), but am not out to stat pad on Mockers games (I’ll save that for public games). I also like teaching newbies.

    The only problem is the last time I ran a game, only you and one other person joined. Hopefully this won’t repeat. That and I can only play on weekends for the foreseeable future, but I guess this is what you are looking for anyway.

  • epinky2295

    Ill be an officer. Just tell me what to do and Im good to go.

  • mjm_007

    I’ll be an officer! sounds right up my ally…


    lol at 007.

    I don’t know about an officer but if you ever need a mod for the site like to delete bad comments or something I’d be more than willing to do that.

  • Ok, I couldn’t make up my mind, plus I was curious to see if I could do it, so I made all of you officers as a lark. Ha! But I’d only like doshin730 to help with arranging weekend games.