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Mockers Night #2 Redux |

Last night we had a games night for Mockers + friends. A little while ago someone suggested making our Mockers nights available to our friends, so I’ve been password-protecting the games instead of making them Mockers-only. But so far only Tosh has joined us this way. (Someone asked what a non-Mocker was doing in the game. That was funny.)

Last night we played 3 full length games, and I had a blast. At one point we had ten of us playing, which is great. The last game only had five, and I have to say it was very unbalanced, so Trieloth and I can’t say we had a lot of fun. 🙁 Next time I’ll turn off team balancing so that people can switch sides easily to make the teams more fair. In the second-last game, somehow it ended up being 2 versus 4. So I switched sides to make it even.

What were the highlights of my evening? Besides getting more ribbons? Two things. Once, I killed two guys in a row with my gun. It doesn’t happen a lot to someone at my particular skill level. Second, I meleed two people to death, right after each other. That was a blast. 😛

I wanna give props to the new people that joined us last night. However, I don’t remember who you were except for Fleakitten. Welcome to our games nights!

There are many Mockers that I never see online. If you’re a Mocker but don’t plan to play games with us, please ask me to resign you from the clan. I’d like to make room for others who do wish to play.

Are there any readers who are artists too? I think it would be cool if The Mockers had a logo. Maybe some guy or girl grinning while clenching a bullet in big teeth, or something. I dunno. Ideas?

Lastly, those of you who were playing last night probably noticed Ostrowalker popping in and out of the game. He was having connection issues. This seems to be a KZ2 only thing, as he can play Warhawk online just fine. Anyone have some suggestions?

P.S. Just because I’ve already posted a redux doesn’t mean we won’t be playing tonight! Remember that the password is mock789, and we’ll see you online tonight at 10pm EST. I post the password in the clan’s message of the day, for all of you that sent me PSN messages asking what the password is. 🙂

  • Hentaku

    It was a lot of fun! Even though I wasn’t on the winning side for any of the games. Sorry i couldn’t make the last game. I did get a few ribbons which is great. I’ll see you there tonight if nothing comes up.

  • Nazo

    If you guys have any weekend games at a more Europe-friendly time I’d love to join you at some point. After my initial aversion to the online mode I’ve improved a little and am now completely hooked!
    I got my engineer badge last night and had a blast constructing turrets and killing people up-close with my shotgun 🙂

  • teflon6678

    for the connection issues, it really depends on the network error number.
    I used to get error 5021 a lot when using the official PS3 BT headset (at other times to). That seems to have subsided a little, but it still adds a lot of lag, so that I dont really bother with it anymore. This might be connected to it trying to put higher quality sound down the tubes…

    So, if hes got the official hedset, perhaps try to play without it (i know, i know, he cant talk to people then), or if he’s got another BT headset/a USB headset, he could try using that instead.

    But if its a different error, try searching it on the net and see if theres any info on it.

  • Yeah good games last night except for the last one.

    I still suggest that we do pistol only game =P so you guys can get your ribbons and revolver if you haven’t gotten it.

    I should be on tonight.

  • Ya, Pistol only games are actually very fun. I unlocked the M4 Pistol. Well worth the effort! 🙂 I want to unlock the black belt badge too. 10 kills in a match x 8.

    It was very fun last night. Sorry for all the C4 guys, trying to get a badge for it. Good battle everyone!

    Ya, last match was lopsided, 3 vs 2 or was is 4 vs 2?

  • That was a blast even though I died a bunch. Atleast I got 4 new ribbons. 🙂

    Sorry I didn’t play longer. I’m not much of a night person.

  • teflon6678, thanks for the idea. It’s funny because I was able to play online just fine much later in the evening. Seeing your response reminded me that I actually turned off my BT headset for that game.

    It seems bizarre to me that the headset would cause a complete interruption of service! I am going to spend some time tonight trying to isolate the connection trouble and attempt a few solutions:
    – disable upnp on my ps3 (to force NAT2)
    – put the ps3 in the DMZ
    – use/don’t use the BT headset
    – hold my nose and spin left three times…

    I’m having a lot of fun and enjoying the game, it’s just a downer with all these problems.

  • Trieloth

    I actually had some fun last night. Iam not sure if the patch helped but I was able to aim alot better resulting in some kills. I FINALLY unlocked some guns last night 🙂 I cant wait to try medic or what ever. Being just a soldier in the begining is retared. They should let you use whatever from the get go.
    Iam sure glad I could help out Tosh with his C4 badges also…

    @Ostrowalker I knew a guy that was playing Warhawk with dial-up so you can have terrible internet and WH would still work.

    @Henning Iam a Artist but you have to come up with the idea

  • Darrin

    I’m eager to join one of these games. I will sign on tonight, but I will probably be on late (maybe too late, but I will catch you guys one day).

  • Tayler

    Hey sorry guys i couldn’t join.
    I’m in florida right now and i’m afraid that the hotels bandwidth is not-so-great.
    And its WEP protected,so i’m not able to get on it D:


    That was fun. I just got my General status before we started playing so I use it to work on some sniper badges. Sorry if anyone was getting frustrated with me running around as a sniper on maps that I probably had no business running around as a sniper. Everyone was great. I sent a lot of friend invites so accept them if you want. Looking forward to tonight!

  • mjm_007

    I had alot of fun too, for the few minutes I was there.. tonight I’ll play longer tho. I’m due to level up after a few games, so I’ll be online until I do. Lately I’ve kinda become a trophy whore lol, so I haven’t spent much time in multiplayer, but I desperately want to try out some of the perks that you guys have (ie. medic, engineer, etc). might even things out a little bit 🙂

    btw, in terms of a logo. I cant draw but I’m a photographer thats pretty good with photoshop. Just a thought, lemme know.

    see you tonight!


    I’ll see you guys tonight for the first time!

  • @ Trieloth

    Ya the new update to the controls vastly improved my aiming as well. Sorry about the C4, once I get my badge for it I’ll use it very sparingly.

    I won’t be able to join you guys tonight. I have other things going on.

  • epinky2295

    Ha ha you referenced me, I asked about the non clan member. I was so stupid XD.