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PSN Portable ID | is offering a much better portable ID. Check out mine:

To get yours, just go there and sign in and follow the instructions. They also have a much better My Friends page than the SCEA one, and a much better My Trophies page.

Here’s some others from bloggers/readers here:

  • It looks cool. Hopefully SCEA will catch up soon.

  • Gary

    Doesn’t look as nice as the one I used from Playfire but it’s now my sig of choice as it updates automatically.

  • Yes, the automatic thing is where it’s at. I can’t be bothered to update this kind of thing myself.

  • I just made an update to my homepage, removed wordpress since I haven’t written anything for over a year.

    Doesn’t this one update automatically?

    Gary can you post a link to playfire? I’m a lazy bum, I know 😀

  • Yes, the EU one updates automatically. The Playfire one doesn’t.

  • Gary

    The Playfire one does update automatically now IF you give them your PSN sign in details. I wasn’t willing to do that. I used to update mine manually on Playfire but now I use the EU PlayStation one.

  • Here is the Playfire link SL33PY:

    It seems they have suspended the automatic cards though, so my above statement is no longer relevant. 🙂

  • Send me your PSN id URL’s, and I’ll add them to this post.

  • George

    Cool feature, thanks for the tip.

    Here’s my URL:


    I’m glad there’s finally one that updates itself.

    Here’s mine

  • Trieloth

    Jeez, Henning you no like trophies? The portable id thing is kinda neat. But I feel like a gunnie using those :/

  • Trev

    i was getting really tired of updating my playfire card too. here’s mine;

  • Trev

    sorry chose the wrong link!
    [url=] [img][/img] [/url]

  • Sinlock
  • mikael
  • jmjll

    [url=] [img][/img] [/url]

  • monkeygibber

    Is there a way to change the game icons listed on the EU portable id?

  • God damn it SCEA… why can’t America get a taste of Europe’s awesome Portable IDs 🙁

  • shazza

    here’s mine.

  • davidmr

    here is mine… i know i havent play much games!! but you can add me and face off!!

  • davidmr

    [url=] [img][/img] [/url]