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Why playing with a clan is sooo fun! |

This is the first time I have ever joined a clan in any game I have ever owned, and I’m glad I did. The Mockers are a great way for gamers to be able to come together and play without the pressure and sometimes abuse of the random Killzone 2 multiplayer game. When the clan was setup, it was with the intention of being a way for the gamer who may not be the best at Killzone 2 to still be able to enjoy the benefits of a clan. So far I think it has succeeded. Here are three big reasons why I think clan play is so fun!

1.Pressure Free Environment

The Mockers clan games give members (and friends) a pressure free environment to play in. When you think about it as you play through the other multiplayer maps with just a group of random gamers you will see what I mean. It maybe just me but some of the gamers that I have came across are less than nice. For the most part I have stopped sporting my headset because I get tired of the constant fighting that some of these games bring out of people. I believe that by playing with a clan with members with similar play levels we can really just do what the game is meant for and have fun.

2. Making Friends

For the most part in games you really don’t make a lot of “friends”. I know that in the short time the Mockers have been playing I’ve been able to talk to gamers all over the country with similar gaming interests as me. I have never done that in other games I have played. I think its great to be able to play some Killzone 2 while I’m laughing about walking right into a scout that just took my head off with his sniper rifle. Being able to talk to other gamers while playing on a map is a great way for a gamer to talk to someone with similar interests, but also, possibly find out about other games or cool information you may not have ever known.

3. Improving Your Skills

Since I started this game I have only gotten better at it everyday I play it. Playing as a clan gives a gamer an opportunity to improve their game. I have found time to work on my snipe aiming, find out the best placement areas for my turrets, find the shortest route from point A to point B. Everyone gets an opportunity to play, have fun and get better. Once you start to get in a groove and begin to string together some kills and the badges and ribbons start coming in it raises you confidence. You start to think quicker and pull that trigger just a little faster than your opponent.

The Mockers are a great way for gamers to come together under the same heading and just play, have fun, improve your game and possibly make some new friends. So everyone have a great time I know I will.


  • Well said! I definitely enjoy the clan play much more than my previous game experiences mainly with COD4 and Halo 3. From the outset I know I am not the most capable player in FPS games. I haven’t been playing them as long as most people and I can’t dedicate as much time as it seems many people can.

    Killzone 2 has provided me three things that give me a much more positive outlook on FPS games:

    First, the match/rank play balancing actually works in this game. Every other FPS game I’ve attempted to join ends up with me getting slaughtered repeatedly because veterans seem to get stacked against me every time. This gets tiring fast.

    Second, the good blend of strategic + fps stuff that TCCCCnME mentioned in his previous article appeals to me greatly. Until he wrote that article I hadn’t really put much thought to it, but it does ring true. My enjoyment of the game is increasing the more I play.

    Third, the clan play is a far better way to get into a comfortable match with like-minded folks than simply relying on your friends list. The clan is like the outer circle of friends.. perfect for a great game! More variety than simply relying on my friends list.

    I’m stoked.. hopefully I’ll stick with this game long enough to actually get pretty good at it! =)

  • James

    I like playing with you guys as well. BTW, gonna start using my PSN on here. for some reason, I can’t register…

    Anyway, sorry I missed it Thursday, got sidetracked and totally forgot about it. Remembered at about 9:40 Arizona time

  • JimmyMagnum

    I failed lol. Forgot to use my PSN there. Oh well, here we go.

    Also, just an FYI, I have a lot going on, hence why I’m not able to get on most of the time. My workshift is 530PM to 2 AM Sat – Wed lol. I sleep in until around 1 or 2 because I dont get to sleep until around 4AM so I have little time to do anything really, but I’ll make it whenever possible

  • DerShimon

    Hey TCCC,

    nice to see you’re in this clan! Think we met a couple of times yesterday on Pyrrhus Rise ; )

    Sorry to say but I rarely manage to be online with you guys since I’m in Sydney in the time offset is considerable.

    Go the Mockers!



    Thanks for all the comments. It’s pretty cool when you think about the diversity of people you see playing under the same heading. Look at DerShimon in Sydney and I’m in Ft. Worth Texas and we played a few rounds on Pyrrhus Rise last night (for me). It’s things like that, for me, that makes experiences like clan play enjoyable, meeting new people and making friends.

  • mjm_007

    Very well said… I couldnt have put it better myself. This is also my first clan, and I appreciate and enjoy the same things you do TCCC. There is definitely something desirable about playing with and against familiar people with similar interests and skill levels. I look forward to playing with and meeting everybody.

  • epinky2295

    Wow its so cool that you can have a group of people from around the world as a team. TCCCCnME in Ft. Worth, DerShimon in Sydney. Me in Cedar Lake, IN (want to move more south like Florida).