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PlayStation Eye … where are the games? |

PlayStation Eye

There has been very little support for the PlayStation Eye. I loved the idea of “The Eye of Judgment”, it’s just not my kind of game. Then the rest of the games are just mini games on the PSN or “art” games. Which is fine, but I haven’t heard of new games in development for it.

Edit – Here are some Games in development I forgot about:

Eyedentify (Thanks Stephen, I couldn’t think of the name)

The free video editing software for the PS Eye available from the PlayStation Store is fun. I mainly use the stop motion option, it’s very fun and easy to do. I animated Wall.E rolling across the floor and transforming into his cube πŸ˜›

I would like to see a PS3 Bundle with the following.

Official PlayStation Headset
PlayStation Eye
A code for some PS Eye games of the PSN Store

Right now the PS Eye alone is about $32 – $40.

What I really like is how they incorporated the PS Eye into Burnout Paradise, that’s a perfect way to use it. I wish more games used the PS Eye. It’s also handy as a extra mic in case your bluetooth one runs out of juice. It actually works quite well too. But mine just sits on top of the HDTV pretty much unused right now. Oh, and it’s fun to use it as a surveillance camera via remote play πŸ˜‰

  • Darrin

    Where are these bleeding-edge motion-capture games? Remember Harmonix’s AntiGrav from the PS2? Where’s the next gen followup to that?

    More importantly what happened to the draw your own tank PS3 concept:

    Burnout Paradise integration is cool and the PSN Eye novelties are nice, but those are pretty tame. Overall, it’s a disappointment to not see any followup on this. Hopefully, this hasn’t been abandoned. They still may have projects going on.

  • Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 used it to map your face onto your character.

    The tech used in the tank video is coming in EyePet:

  • I actually have AntiGrav and it was very fun actually! I’d be down for a next gen version.

    On the draw your own tank PS3 concept, I’ll pay for that “tech demo” πŸ˜›

    There is a game in development for the PS Eye, I just remembered it. It’s EyePet.
    Edit – Paranoimia beat me to it.

  • mjm_007

    I was thinking about buying a PSEye, but I couldnt find enough reasons to do it. Its not really supported by much other than little features here and there (ie LBP)


    guess I havent really been missing much so far.. But if more benefits to having one start to show themselves, I’ll be on it…

  • That’s another one I forgot about .. LBP. I actually used that to make my first level.

  • Jonaskin

    LBP and Singstar both have excellent PSeye integration. The Eyepet one does look interesting. I’m sure my wife and kids would like it.

  • Darrin

    EyePet! Forgot about that one. That’s a big one. It should probably be in the OP.

  • The current but limited built-for-psEye games provide some giggles when guests come home, but it is nowhere near enough. Currently, there’s little reason to buy it. I’m really wondering how Eyepet will turn out, tho.

  • Stephen

    Well when Sony first announced PS3 on E3 2005, they also showed a trailer for a working title called “Eyedentify”

    It is being work on by SCE Korea. IGN confirmed a few months ago it is still in the works. I wonder if the project is too ambitious though?

  • George

    I’d like to see a way to chat between PS3 and PSP.

    Right now I use remote play to watch the eye (settings page in the aquarium has the biggest view), so I can see what the PS3 can, but it’s a one way view. Voice chat would be easy enough to do, as would video with the PSP camera.

  • Tewaz

    The PS eye has amazingly sensitive motion sensor technology that gives you the ability to control the games and menus with body movement, no controller.
    The Trials of Topoq (sp) is a perfect example of its capabilities.
    The problem is, these small games are to test the market, if few people show interest in this technology, there will not be many games produced utilizing it.
    Just imagine a Punchout style boxing game that you control with your fists.
    An RPG that utilizes equipment free point and click movement, then hand gestures ala Drakkan to cast spells and abilities.
    Puzzle games with interfaces like the displays in Minority Report.
    Okami style art games that let you paint with your fingers.
    The possibilities are endless, but there would be little incentive to invest in such ambitious projects if only a small demographic owns the PS eye.

  • Herbert

    The draw your own tank concept is actually used in a game, they r using it in eyepet, u can draw objects and the ps eye scans it then the pet puts it together and then u can use it

  • Floymin

    Considering the high investment Sony puts into their Japan market, one would think they would be willing to take a risk and put out some high-end support for the Eye.

    Microsoft is already courting Lionhead and other big name developers for their Project Natal. A lot of people are seeing this as a vote of confidence.

    Personally, I think Sony’s “bait and see” strategy will be the Eye’s downfall, just as it was with EyeToy. Microsoft is getting its support NOW which means better games when it is released.

    I predict: The PS Eye will disappear before the PS3 price gets low enough for the casual market.

  • Burnout Paradise integration is cool and the PSN Eye novelties are nice, but those are pretty tame.

  • MEMO

    you should make more eye Games for ps3 Example eyetoy