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Mockers Night #3 – Please Play! |

Update: We are looking for more members! I will be revoking about 10 invites soon. See here for what the clan is all about. If you can join our regular weekly games, and you’re not a hot-shot gamer, consider joining!

I think we should get into a groove with Mocker games. So let’s get together this week at the same times as we did last week:

Tuesday @ 10pm EST
Wednesday @ 9pm EST
Thursday @ 10pm EST

The password is mentioned in the clan’s Message of the Day. Feel free to invite friends to play. I might actually be on before 10pm tonight, but all the action officially starts at 10.

I ask that clan members please join these games. There are 52 of us in the clan, so we should be getting more than just eight people playing. I’d like to see some eight versus eight battles going. If you’re a member of The Mockers but don’t regularly play with us, I ask that you consider leaving the clan.

TCCCCnME: you asked about a 8v8 or 5v5 tournament. What do you mean? A battle against another clan? A tournament within the clan?

Sinlock: I don’t know why you said you’re not in the clan. You are. As to your connection problems, try putting your PS3 in your router’s DMZ. (This will require that you give your PS3 a static IP address.)

alirezas: You have an invite.

  • Sinlock

    No I was just pointing out how glad I was to not booted from the Clan for the lack of play. I’ll have to research the whole DMZ thing.


    I thought maybe versus another clan. We can get good practice time playing against ourselves like we are especially if we can get more members to play. I know I will send a message to all the clan members on my friends list and remind them of the times. I think that people are not checking the clan or communication page within Killzone. Maybe if some clan members want to send me their e-mails I could mail out the times to them that way?


    I’ll definitely be there Wednesday and I’ll probably play on the other days as well but not positive.

  • Hentaku

    Count me in!

  • thepreppymonk

    hey still not able to join, still in florida.
    i’ll join next weeks
    sorry :[

  • chris (cpfuzz2)

    will be there tomorrow and possibly thurs!

  • Darrin

    Tonight was my first game and I had a ton of fun. I usually sneak my gaming time around other obligations and around other family members, so it’s hard for me to meet a schedule, but I definitely plan to join some more rounds like this in the future!

  • BikeSeatSniffa

    I should be there on Wednesday. Let’s rock n’ roll!

  • Sorry I couldn’t join you guys. I literally couldn’t! I tried for almost an hour, repeatedly, to join the game and I kept getting 8013 and 4512 errors. I’ve never had this problem before, and this morning I tried, and got online just fine.

    Hopefully tonight I’ll be able to join.

  • Trieloth

    I couldnt join last night cuz there was to many people over, but tonight (Wed) I should be able to make it.

  • Sinlock

    Today I set up the PS3 on DMZ and noticed some nice changes. PSN and Home seemed to respond faster, And I was able to play KZ2 for a little bit without being droped with a 4512 once.

  • i’ll play thursday. sorry i’ve not been on.

  • Eupham

    I’ve not been on either but I should be playing thursday. I thought I was going to be able to tonight (Wednesday) but I had a surprise visit from the fiance and my plans went out the window.

  • JimmyMagnum

    I should be able to be on later tonight for at least a little bit. Gonna go fishing Friday morning and have to buy some fishing gear tomorrow. Never been to Bass Pro Shops, but heard it’s pretty cool over there. Get to go out past Apache Junction (biggest redneck area of AZ) and to the lakes (probably Canyon Lake) for some quality time with nature 🙂

  • MIKEblu

    Played last night and had a solidly good time (until my wife yelled at me to get off). Have to say that there are some pretty good players in this group which makes it tough on us noobs. Maybe I can make some progress on my skills tonight!

  • where’s the password? do i have to go to

  • oh nevermind, i just reread the blog post. let me find the motd…

  • Sinlock

    Had a good time on Wed. The DMZ setup worked like a charm didn’t get droped once. Some reason only half of the points I earned showed up.

  • that was fun! sorry i couldn’t stay longer. and if i do say so myself i think i might be getting a little bit better even! i need to play more in general to level up so i can get access to more stuff…