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Ninja Gaiden Σ 2 |


In summer of 2007, Ninja Gaiden Black, got a full-blown remake on the PS3 with Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1. Now, according to these Famitsu scans, Ninja Gaiden 2 is getting the PS3 enhancement treatment, with Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2.

Ninja Gaiden is one of the few critically praised 3D melee action series along with Devil May Cry and God Of War.

Anyone excited about this one?

  • Gary

    I’ll probably pick it up if I can afford it. I was disappointed with DMC4 but I still love these types of games. NG2 didn’t receive great reviews on the 360 though so we’ll see if they improve on the areas that were criticised (camera, slowdown etc).

  • Jerry

    I am 100% excited about this game. It is my uderstanding that this game will not be just a port of the Xbox game, but somewhat of a digital remaster. Including inhanced graphics gameplay and special perks. I will totally get this game because I just can’t get enough of cutting and slashing. However if this is a mere port, lets hope they think of this as a Downloadable game.

  • I heard NG2 was riddled with bugs and bad camera angles plus it was in sub HD, and Itagaki calls the PS3 an inferior machine. I hope they really fix all of the problems and have it running in true HD just to shut that guy up.

    This one is supposed to include Ayane as a playable character, new bosses, and weapons Jerry, so I don’t think this will be a simple port job.

  • Darrin

    The graphics, tech, combat, inventory/upgrade system from both Sigma 1 and Devil May Cry 4 were great, but to me, the games themselves were just uninteresting.

    God Of War, on the other hand is great. That game made classic Greek mythology really feel alive and fresh. The bosses, levels, puzzles, art design, and narrative are awesome.

  • Stephen

    NG 2 on XBOX 360 is all right. I played it. It is all right compare to the original NG.

    I am glad gamers with only PS3 can also enjoy this game soon.

    This wouldn’t happen if Itagaki is still the head of Team Ninja in Tecmo. I have never seen an developer so one sided with a console. No wonder he is always second rated when compared with developers like Shinji Mikami or Hideo Kojima.

  • mcloki

    Not at all. The message needs to be sent to developers that exclusives are dumb. They hurt the console business and they hurt their own business for short term financial “MS moneyhat” gain.

    Stop using software titles to dick around with consumers hardware choices.

  • Trieloth

    I have played the 360 version and it was alright. The combat was awesome but the backgrounds were terrible. The game dropped in price fast so who knows if its any good.

  • Oh great, the Japnese is going to rule the gaming world with so may good games.

  • I hope they really fix all of the problems and have it running in true HD just to shut that guy up.