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February 2009 Sales |


Top 10 USA Software Sales (NPD)


  • Wow! SFIV for the PS3 nearly outsold the 360 version? Where’s SO4 at? Take that Enix. lol

    Those are 2 day sales for KZ2 so noone start calling it a flop..until next month’s numbers..>.>’

  • Darrin

    SFIV has a surprisingly high PS3 to 360 ratio. Maybe because that game appeals to an older audience?

    CoD:WaW has a surprisingly high 360 to PS3 ratio. Younger audience?

    I hope you are right on Killzone 2. That game really does deserve good sales.

  • Eupham

    I would say that the SFIV sales on the PS3 are higher because, generally speaking, fans of the Playstation are more likely to be fans of fighting games. The Dualshock controller may have some faults but it has a very good dpad for fighting games especially when compared to the 360.

  • the platform ratio for soulcalibur 4 was also very high for the ps3 (not as high as SFIV but still close).

  • Gary

    Maybe SFIV has sold a lot on the PS3 because of the superior d-pad. Reviews of the game (independent reviews not format specific) have said the PS3 version is better suited for use with the d-pad and this is one area that the 360 pad is poor in comparison with the PS3 pad.

  • mcloki

    These numbers are bad. Software is good. but all that tells you is that owners of PS3’s buy software. Unfortunately for developers there aren’t that many PS3 owners.
    A price drop can’t happen fast enough to help Sony out. it’s been a year and with every new game release the pro Sony media outlets talk about how MGS4, then Resistance , now KZ2 will increase hardware sales. And the hardware sales never come. Now, KZ2 did launch at the end off the month and one can argue that all those KZ2 hardware sales happen March 1st. But come on. That may just be wishful thinking on our parts.

  • I’m expecting Sony to announce that KZ2 has sold a million world wide at the GDC next week and a new PS3 model that’ll probably be 100 bucks cheaper.

  • darrin

    More importantly than a price cut, I’d like to see a slimmed down PS3.

    KZ2 will easily hit 1 million worldwide, but that isn’t very impressive for such a high profile title. The game itself is really good. Actually, Sony’s software releases overall have just been excellent, which is why their hardware sales are somewhat disappointing. They aren’t terrible, but I think they should be doing better.

  • Good point Gary, the 360’s d-pad can be a pain.

  • Trieloth

    Oh no the 360 out sold the PS3 again 🙁 looks like Iam gonna go play my threesixty instead and sell my sony. /sarcasm

    I have seen some interesting deals for PS3’s this month. Target is giving a fifty dollar gift card with purchase, Best Buy is offering Kz2, LBP or some other game for free (just one game) with purchase of a PS3.

    Man I bet Nintendo is laughing at both M$ and Sony. I live in a strange world.