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Home XI Mystery |

I haven’t seen any of these myself, I haven’t been in home for a while. Have you seen these symbols or man hole covers in Home?

My guess going off these clues is there will be a underground world of Home that you access via the man hole cover perhaps. Maybe finding these symbols scattered across Home will earn you Home money or items? Or another mini game? Hopefully we will find out soon.

There are many other Home XI videos on YouTube as well.

  • Martin Field

    I Have a theory about the mystery of the XI.

    XI in Greek – Only relates to the name of the greek god; Odyssey.

    There is a 7 scratch mark pattern on the plate near the portals.

    The answer i have found is:

    Xi is a the formation of Hyperspace. It is a scientific Odyseey through Parallel universes. Time warps and the Tenth Dimension. The hub is the entrance of the Cube; Hyperspace.

    Looks like PlayStation Entertainment wants to challenge with us by scientific means in physics.

  • Good research, makes sense.

  • Yes, there is mystery shop work out there.Type voilition mystery shopping and enter the site. You will see a Mystery shopping company list, click on it.This would take you to a list of companies.