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Mockers Saturday |

killzone2_smallWe will be having a Mockers Weekend Match on:

Saturday March 21st at 2PM EST

If we have bigger turnouts, we can add more weekend matches.  As always, bring your friends, headsets and create squads in game.  Check the clan motd for any updates.

  • My family’s out of town, so I’ll try to make this one.

  • aw, i can’t make it then.

  • Hentaku

    I’ll try my best to make it.

  • Eupham

    I’ll also see what I can do. I had a lot of fun on Thursday and would like to play again.

  • James

    Sorry. I’m at my folks’ place this weekend otherwise I’d be up for it.

  • epinky2295

    I’ll be working on my truck so I probably wont make it

  • Sinlock

    See you there…. Sgt.Sinlock

  • Hey guys, thanks for showing up. I had fun.

    Sorry I didn’t have my headset on, I forgot to make sure it was charged.

  • doshin

    Yeah, thanks for coming. I had fun, but I wish we could break through the 6 or 8 we have on weekends.

    Also, my connection kept on dropping out which means I lost out on ribbons. Sorta sucks.

  • Sinlock

    If you were the one I was talking to about the 4512 error. Take a look at this page on how to set up a DMZ. It’s pretty easy if you follow the steps. After I set up the DMZ I haven’t been droped from KZ2 or any other multiplayer once.

  • doshin

    Thanks, yeah I heard someone mentioning this during the match. I’ve never had problems with Killzone 2 or otherwise, but I’ll look into it if it persists.