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Resistance 2 1.50 Patch Details |

Just Video Games is reporting that the Resistance 1.50 patch is coming out later this month (26mar09 to be precise). Some notable features include:

  • Meltdown Mode added – Apparently, we will be getting to play in a remake of the classic Resistance 1 multiplayer mode.
  • New co-op difficulty – Superhuman has been added as a mega, ultra-hard mode for the co-operative campaigns.
  • Second player PSN login – The split-screen second player can now login to their own PSN profile and their information, gaming XP, etc. from that session will be saved.

I say yay for the saving of 2nd player’s progress in splitscreen mode!

In addition to the patch there will be DLC in the form of some skins (a buck each) and a map pack (six bucks).

Resistance 2 1.50 Patch Details

  • Trieloth

    FINALLY!! Co-op was getting retarded with all the maxed out soldiers that dont need healing and or ammo. They needed a super hard mode badly.

  • Gibb

    What?… Where can you select co-op difficulty?

  • George

    Excellent news, and very timely, hopefully it will add value to that game. I stopped playing R2 a few days ago as the multiplayer was getting pretty repetitive.

  • Joe

    I’m really excited for the new game mode, as well as the 2 players on PSN at once.

    That’s always a good thing… it’s one thing the xbox still has over the ps3.

  • charles

    The patch sucks. You get less exp per kill now and it really messed things up. The game lags even just at the menus now, my grey tech magically went from 100 something to 8 overnight, and my exp won’t record, nor did the crazy amount of ribbons i got yesterday. Before the patch i had never had a single problem. And i already have my medic and spec ops maxed out so i got lucky there, but it’s not fair that all of those who maxed out their soldiers before the patch did it in about a third of the time that it will take now since they rely almost solely on kills for exp. I had a 137 kill game yesterday that with the round bonus gave me only 11 thousand exp, and no it wasn’t all a bunch of drone kills. I give it 2 thumbs down and if the recording problems don’t get fixed quick i’m just going to quit altogether.

  • That’s not good.

    I just picked up a (used) copy of the game yesterday now that it supported split screen for two players properly. I tested it out, and sure enough you can sign in a second player with their PSN account. I was going to do a long-form test tonight, but my friend bailed on me. 🙁

  • George

    I spent 2 hrs with the patched game last night…so far no issues for me.

    Some of my games resulted in more experience, some less. One came in at 16,000 which is a record for me (I’m still at around level 10).

  • charles

    yeah i just gave it another go and my lvl 18 soldier levels up to 17 everytime i finish a game hah. when i select it in the game lobby it shows it as level 18 with the experience bar at the max like my level 30s, then when i finish a game it levels me up to 17 and i just stay 18 with a maxed out experience bar. What should i do? Btw, my gray tech count went from that mysterious 8 down to 5 now haha. Then i just got another 16 to bring me to 21 that i’m sure will be gone when i get on next. And i highly doubt i’ll ever get that hundred-something gray tech back that i got and lost last night at anytime. As someone with a good connection and that hasn’t had a single problem before the patch, i’m sure there’s many others out there having similar problems.

  • Jorge

    I’m having the same problem my three characters have filled the bar but do not rise to level and when I star in the middle of a bar game experience out of the screen I can do to not lose my characters

  • charles

    I tried deleting and redownloading the patch which didn’t work, then i got on to my brother’s account and his worked just fine. So i sacrificed all of my guitar hero data hoping that creating a new user name would do something (you can’t copy GHWT data like the others) and big surprise with what happened…It didn’t work lol. So that means it has to have something to do with my psn and i am not about to sacrifice 2 lvl 30s and about 3 hours playing time to make a new one. Not to mention all of my progress on other games.

  • This new patch does’nt work properly, after completing level 25…. i’m still at level 25?!

  • chris

    it doesnt save any of my exp or grey tech earned when i play co-op online or offline now. im stuck at lvl 27. doesnt even say i earned any exp.

  • jon

    when i installed this it doesnt give me exp or grey tech an also shows i have all the requirements for the levels but there still locked they need to fix this asap i spent countless hours on this game and i dont want to go to waste if any news write please