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My KZ2 DLC Wishlist |

Killzone 2 has been out for about a month now. I bought the game at launch and have been playing it ever since. I can’t say that I’ve unlocked everything in multiplayer, but I have unlocked a lot. (For those of you who play the game but haven’t signed in to yet, I suggest you do. It’s fun tracking your stats there.) I’m now a Brigadier General, and I doubt that I’ll get any higher than that.

So of course my thoughts are going to turn to the promised DLC. What do I want, what do I need? And how likely is it that GG will give it to me?


The most obvious answer is new maps. Of course I want new maps. Everyone wants new maps, and I think it’s a no-brainer that GG will be giving us new maps. I hope, though, that GG gives us a bit of variety. KZ2 currently has eight multiplayer maps, and they mostly look the same, except for Pyrrhus Rise. I see the maps that games like Call of Duty: World at War gets, and I envy the variety. So please, GG, give us some maps that look different, and aren’t symmetrical!

Likelihood: strong.


Yes, I hope for new weapons. One of the great things about CoD4 was the great variety of weapons, and how each weapon genuinely feels different than the others. I know that KZ2 isn’t CoD4, and I’m not asking for that. But I do wish for more weapons, larger differentiation between weapons, more flexibility as to what weapons a character class can use, and weapons that are a bit more modern. I mean really, we’re hundreds of the years in the future, and we still have to use iron sights?

Likelihood: weak.

Game Modes

Killzone 2 has five game modes, none of which are particularly revolutionary. They’re just the same game modes we’ve seen in other games, maybe with small modifications. I don’t really have a problem with that, I guess. They’re fun enough. But I would like to see more. It would be nice to have both some original new modes (Resistance has been great at this) plus some tried and true modes like Team King of the Hill and Headquarters. It would also be nice if we could have some modes that weren’t team based. Just a plain old deathmatch and a King of the Hill, for example.

Likelihood: weak.

New Badge

Frankly I have no clue about what else could be done. But then, I couldn’t have thought up the Saboteur or Tactician classes myself. But we have them, and they’re fun. Or maybe GG could just add a primary ability to the Assault class. At any rate, it would be fun if we had something new in this area.

Likelihood: weak.


Why do I think that the likelihood of so many of these is weak? Frankly, I’m just a pessimist when it comes to getting what I want. Maybe then I’ll be pleasantly surprised if I do get something. But I can always hold out a little hope, I guess.

  • Been awhile since I logged on KZ, mainly because of the new map pack of COD5 and double xp.

    I plan on playing KZ2 again but I fear that after I unlock most badges that I will get bored … I guess I can keep aiming for at least being in the top 10% again.

  • Ryan

    Game modes would be high on my list. They should have a bit more fun with the modes, a small team of heavies versus a larger team of troopers etc. Also an assault mode.

  • While I think badges and other unlocks create some play time (unless you are sort of cheating with friends to get it) I don’t understand why I’d get bored of this if I unlock everything. Bf1942 does not have character progression, but it is the best multiplayer experience I’ve had in my life, and we still occacionally play it. I think with added modes, KZ2’s appeal will be even more.

    That said, they could have an ongoing rank progression, a bit like COD4 prestige mode, albeit without resetting your perks / badges to zero, so people could aim for something.

  • Hentaku

    I just unlocked the assault class not too long ago.. and it starts with a grenade launcher. It seemed weird to me, assault class should have either LMG’s or Assault Rifles (SMG), the Tactician (i think he’s the one with C4) should get the grenade launcher/rocket launcher, as he seems be an explosives guy. Assault class should’ve had LMGs with quick reloading w/ boost pill instead of just running faster. Perhaps a class like Radec who can teleport short distances but has low defense. Maybe a class that can take control over enemy turrets/air support.. like a hacker or something.

    I can understand the symmetrical maps, as you don’t want to give an unfair advantage to one group over the other due to terrain.

    New weapons in multiplayer would be awesome. Such as the Teslite grenade. Bolt gun, and electricity gun are overpowered but really fun. They need a bit if balancing to be brought into multiplayer. Flamethrower would be pretty cool. Pyrotechnician class? Incendiary grenades(Molotov cocktail)?

    Game modes, a free for all is an almost must-have but they seem dead set on team based play which is cool too. Maybe like a nuke mode, where one team has to hit the switch to set of a nuke, and the other team has to disarm the nuke. Sort of a search and destroy but both teams have to defend and also get to the other objective.

    If new classes became available there would be new badges to go with it.

  • JimmyMagnum

    they should bring some of the old maps from KZ1 to KZ2, expanded with more detail though, of course

  • Carr

    more weapons like an ISA weapons and a Helgast weapons like they did for assault rifles and machine guns as ISA are more accurate and good at longer range and Helgast have higher rate of fire and better at a closer range more grenades: fire, cluster, smoke, stun(elecctic one instead of killin), and then there would be more lvls to go up instead of 12 which is nothin to COD