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Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time |

Insomniac already said the Ratchet & Clank sequel was coming in Fall of 2009 (at the end of the Quest for Booty downloadable game) so this isn’t exactly a new announcement. But now, the sequel has a name. And we get a “teaser” trailer tomorrow. I’m expecting that this trailer is merely some CG padding without any gameplay shots.


Here is my brief two-point wish list. Care to add any others?

  1. Evolve the game play beyond just adding more content and levels. I loved pretty much every R&C title thus far including Tools of Destruction and Quest for Booty. However, the series does need to evolve in some way. How? Honestly, I don’t know. But I’m sure the guys that work on this game year round have had some good ideas.
  2. Don’t dumb it down. Tools of Destruction kept the weapons store, several upgrade systems, a full weapon wheel, and a health bar while Resistance 2 got stripped down to a more on-rails script-heavy type of experience. They can’t make it too complicated, because it needs to be accessible to a younger audience. I’m hoping that they can continue to do what Pixar is notorious for doing with movies: make one product that appeals to both kids and adults on different levels.
  • do you think they’ll add multiplayer back into this installment?

  • mcloki

    1. Evolve game Play Part 2. Increase the Crank levels. Currently the Crank level are a bit boring puzzle solving yawns. I understand they break the action up. But They could be so much more. I suggest they try to make the Clank levels a little bit more Mario-esque. Galaxy was a great game and I think that Rachets levels could make for a few wonderful Full #d upside down levels. Ratchets levels could benefit from a more liberal use of the gravity boots. I always liked that part.
    2. More DLC. Quest for Booty was great. Why stop producing the content.
    3. Bring back the 2D Quark minigames. Love them
    4. Sell them separately if yo have to. A quark Robotron 2084 remake wold be awesome. OR a Quark Smash TV Remake. I’ll put my money down now.
    5. Longer levels. Some of those assault levels needs to be longer. they are just great to play.
    6. New guns. I propose a Zombie gun, Clone Gun. Platypus Gun,
    7. More Dinosaur Island. I loved that level for some reason.
    8 Arena Mini mode.

    In the end it does’t matter, Insomniac hasn’t made a bad game yet.