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The Last Remnant? |

A Wired journalist asked Square Enix about the PS3 version of this game:

I decide to ask a question.

“The Last Remnant,” I said, “was originally announced to be Square Enix’s first multi-platform game. But the PlayStation 3 version hasn’t come out yet. Is it still happening?”


No one wants to speak. Finally, someone ventures: “Well, the PC version came out this week.”

Me: “Yes, it did.”

More silence. Everyone’s kind of glancing around.

Takai: “Well, as for the PS3 version, I can’t say anything about that.”

Me: “Alright, then.”

What’s going on seems pretty obvious:

  1. Microsoft paid for timed exclusivity. (Nothing wrong with this by the way. This is how the console war is played).
  2. A stipulation of that deal is that Square does not publically speak about the PS3 version. Otherwise, that would kill the buzz of 360 exclusivity.
  3. Another stipulation is that Square doesn’t speak about the deal itself. Specifically, they can’t say “Oh, we can’t talk about the PS3 version because of our deal with Microsoft”. That would just look terrible.

So when a journalist asks them about the PS3 version, there’s nothing they can say and awkward silence ensues.

Also, this game got a 65 on Metacritic… Review scores are often far off (Manhunt 2 is one of my favorites and it got a 67), but I can’t say that I am excited to try this out.

  • Hentaku

    Honestly, the love fest with Microsoft and Squeenix is starting to annoy me. That and Sony better step up their game.

  • I always knew they had no plans of a PS3 version after they’re ‘deals’ with microsoft. Who cares about Enix anymore?

    Yakuza 3 outsold Star Ocean 4 and Lat Remnant combined in Japan and is still selling and KZ2’s outsold SO4 in NA.

    Plus there’ve been exclusive rpg announcements for the PS3 by Atlus anyway.

  • ehandlr

    hey…I care about SE!

    All RPG’s this gen have been lacking…most have sucked (except Lost Odyssey which was awesome). Even the decent ones were rushed and not well thought out.

    The Last Remnant could have been a great game…but developing blunder ruined it. It was soooo bad on the 360 that I could not bring myself to play it. The freezes, pauses, transparency of characters, glitching….it was just horrible. Had it been made without using the UE3 engine…it would have been much more enjoyable.

    I do hope SE wises up and understands that PS3 has influence in America too.

  • Darrin

    Sony needs to step up their game? At what, buying rights to the dud games of this generation?

    A few years ago, Square Enix was the undisputed leader of Japanese game development and they were a real safe bet to work with. Microsoft must have put tons of time and money into signing deals with them, and now they put out flops like Last Remnant?

    Meanwhile, Sony funded no-name studios like Media Molecule…

  • Rjcc

    No mention of the development difficulties many have faced with UE3 on the playstation 3, and how glitchy and poor performing the game already is? Why bother, when we can blame everything on microsoft. Speaking of dud games of this generation, where’s LBP on the sales charts again?

  • Darrin

    Sony is clearly losing the sales battle (particularly in the U.S.). I have always fully agreed with that.

    But on the subjective issue of game quality, especially exclusive games, Sony leads the pack by a mile.

    And I did mention how poor the game already is.

  • RJcc, how may millions has IU, LR, and SO4 sold? Oh yeah..NONE! LBP may not have sold a gazillion copies on day one but I bet it’s outsold everything Enix has put on the 360, exclusivly, combind.

    Don’t mess with the Sack. 😛

  • Hentaku

    I mean they better step up their game. Not only did Sony lose to Microsoft SO4 but FFXIII exclusivity. Now because of MS the NA release of FFXIII is pushed back until they can release 360 and PS3 versions together. Final Fantasy is undoubtedly Squeenix’s biggest title, and if Sony can’t keep that to themselves then what’s going to happen in the future? I, personally would have loved to play SO4 on the PS3, but I’m not buying it just so i can play it on my brothers 360. Don’t forget Sony’s past blunder’s in this field as well, GTA:IV being multi-platform, and exclusive DLC for MS.

    While LBP is a great game, it suffers from lack of content. The single player is really easy and user boards are flooded with “Get ‘this’ trophy” and “Get ‘that’ trophy” or impossible to complete or just walk straight and win.

    I do enjoy the new games coming for the PS3 and this looks to be a fantastic year for them. I really hope Sony knows what they’re doing as I’m just an outsider looking in. In my eyes they have dropped the ball quite often. You can’t rely just on homeruns. It will bite them in the ass, mark my words!

  • Darrin

    I don’t think those events are blunders. It’s not like the deal-making execs at Sony just tripped and fell and blew all these deals by accident. Microsoft and Sony are pursuing different strategies. Microsoft is spending more money on the big names in video games (Square Enix, Capcom, GTA, Harmonix, Rare, Epic, etc) and is willing to pay top dollar to do so. Sony is spending their money funding and internally managing newer riskier projects.

    When Microsoft wins 360 exclusivity rights for a title (like SO4) that moves gamers and their dollars towards the 360.
    When a Sony funded/managed project comes out, that moves gamers and their dollars towards the PS3.

    Both of those things cost a lot of money. Microsoft has to pay studios lots of money to get exclusivity rights and Sony has to pay lots of money to fund game projects. The real question is which of those gives a better bang for the buck?

    What I am seeing is that Microsoft signed lots of deals with top-name studios and then years later, their products are disappointments. That can’t be good for Microsoft. On the other hand, Sony funded/managed a ton of new studios and new IPs and has a bunch of surprise hits (LBP, Killzone, and smaller stuff like Flower, MLB The Show, Motorstorm, etc). That has to be good for Sony.

  • Hentaku

    I appreciate your POV on this. Looking at your POV, i can somewhat see what Sony might be trying to do with their strategy. It seems to me that Sony is focusing on the “next generation” of developers in hopes that new big name blockbusters will be there for them. As the old big name games start to show their age.

    I sincerely wish it doesn’t backfire and wind up hurting Sony, and, I really do appreciate Sony for funding the new developers. Getting some very cool original games out there and pushing new concepts and ideas as well as perfecting some older ones.

  • James

    Ok the truth of it is that people like the other consoles more than they like the Playstation consoles. And I say who can blame them the xbox has some of the best games and some of the best companies aligned with them. And anyone who says that square enix’s games have not benn good know absolutly nothing about games whatsoever.