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New Ratchet And Clank Teaser |

Looks awesome, but it is just a teaser…



  1. Oh WOW !
    Now I can’t wait to see how they do on this one !!!
    Ratchet & Clank has always been excellent games (except for Deadlocked lol) and I’m sure this one will be excellent too !

  2. Make it hard and more arena battles plz k thx

  3. Insomniac is holding a “Design A Weapon” contest, too.

  4. Story’s getting a bit serious now. Reminds me of Jak and Daxter now.

  5. I really like the series so far. I haven’t played Quest for Booty yet but it is $10 right now so it might be time to do that. I am looking forward to a R&C game that has trophies. They have a lot of replayability as it is but with trophies they will have even more.

  6. Quest for Booty is worth it.
    I like the design a weapon contest. I might try a Platypus gun Design.
    The trailer is very intriguing. I don’t thing they need to hype it that much. I hope they hold off on the teasers and such until the game is ready to launch. In this age of the internet hype can be created in two weeks.

  7. OK Enough of the Anti Canadian Sentiment. The gun design contest is America Only. Too bad.

  8. Really looking forward to this game. However, I read that the original subtitle was Clock Blockers. What a great title! 🙂

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