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The Mockers Clan Match |

killzone2_smallSome people have asked that we do a clan battle with another clan.

I don’t have a problem with that, but we need to prepare.

First off, who is interested? Your skill level doesn’t matter, but you should be willing to play as a team. Please reply to this post if you’re willing and able to play in a clan battle, probably on a Wednesday night. Please don’t reply if you can’t make it.

Second, it would be good if we could get some team tactics established. So I’m looking for some suggestions for how to play together as a team. Here are a couple I thought of:

  1. We should have at least two turret placers on our team. They can place the turrets where they are most effective for a given round. Then once the round is over, they should destroy the turrets so that they can create new ones that are best situated for the next round type.
  2. We need at least one person to place spawn points. Remember that people spawn out of spawn points facing the opposite direction of the person who placed the spawn point at time of placing. I volunteer to be a spawn point person.
  3. Dying doesn’t matter for any game mode except Body Count (unless you’re the assassination target). So it’s a good tactic, for example, to place yourself between the enemy and someone arming/disarming a bomb.
  4. Everyone has to be in a squad. So if it’s a team of five, it’s no good to have a squad of four people plus a loner. Also, headsets should be charged before the match starts. I’ve fallen victim to that mistake myself.
  5. Each squad should have an objective and work together as a team to achieve it. In Capture & Hold, for example, we could have one squad tasked with holding one location, while another squad takes care of the other. (The third location doesn’t matter if we hold two.) How will we determine which squad does what?

What did I miss? I’ll add them to this list.

Third, I want to try those team tactics in our private games before we go up against another clan. Now that bots are coming in a patch next week, we could do a clan match of us versus the bots, to practice.

What do you guys think?

  • darrin

    Great idea. Count me in!


    I’m in! I feel a 5vs5 loadout of 2 engineers, 1 tactician, 1 sniper and 1 or possibly 2 medics would be a good number. 8v8 maybe 2 or 3 engineers, 1 tactian, 2 snipers, 2 medics. I think we make the tactician the “leader” of the group unless we have more than 1 squad then we use the most experienced players for those roles. Henning is spot on with needing to be a team and work together and playing against bots is great practice. We can’t be huddled together and have to find good position. I feel position is key to victory. We really need to use our practice time to find the positions that best cover any given area and what type of class will best fill that spot. Like snipers for long stretches, turrets in small areas. The engineers need to fix ammo boxes and broken turrets.

    I think we need to find a team for this first clan vs clan match and really find the roles that best suit them. I could do tactician, engineer or sniper. In most cases I play as an engineer and have all those badges. I’m not real good as a medic or assault class player. I’m open to any position really.

  • BikeSeatSniffa

    Sorry I haven’t been on more. I’ve been having some technical difficulties with my ps3 as of late.

    But once I get everything ironed out I would be down to practice. I wouldn’t mind being a medic mix.


  • thepreppymonk

    If you have a clan match in two weeks, count me in
    but as of this and next week, i cannot.

  • Hentaku

    1) It doesn’t matter if you destroy the turret or not, turrets are on a timer and not set to a certain number as far as i know. They are able to be deployed for a certain amount of time however, and, if not destroyed, they will self-destruct without notice taking anyone close by with it.

    As far as classes in a squad/team… 5v5, 1 engineer, 1 assault, 1 medic, 2 tactician. All must have secondary abilities and hopefully able to combine abilities. Engineer lays turrets at key points, repair ammo boxes, and repair damaged turrets. Assaulter uses ammo box to keep full ammo uses boost pill for such things as Search and Retrieve. Medic revives any fallen players and throws health packs for team. Tacticians lay spawn grenades in different but key places so should one spawn point be camped the other may be used. Tacticians should call air support in heavily traveled areas or open-air objective areas. One tactician combines C-4 ability and booby traps back doors.

    Assassination target should know where good places to hide are, and should always have an exit should things turn bad. Do not trap yourself as i’ve done on a few occasions, but, do not run through an open field either if it can be avoided. DO NOT RESPAWN! if you are the target only respawn should you receive notice of a win/lose. If you are hit and laying on the ground put the controller down! You can still win being mortally wounded and after the countdown reaches zero! All members should know places to hide for opposing faction as well. Distractions work well for assassinations. Try not to run off chasing someone and leave the target behind. Stay with the target as much as possible. Also, watch the color of your crosshairs saboteurs are pretty good at taking out a target, and have done so on a few occasions on my watch.

    Most importantly, KNOW THE MAP! Before you pick up the propaganda speaker, know where it goes. It does no good to have the propaganda speaker if you’re gunna run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off.


    I’m definitely in! And Wednesday is the best day for me.

  • chris (cpfuzz2)

    def would be down battling another clan. but i agree, we should def be coordinated with squads and classes. im a pretty good medic and heavy assault. wed works for me. keep me posted with details.

  • Hentaku: Sure turrets may time out, but they may not time out in time to be effective at a new objective location.

  • doshin

    I’d love to participate in a clan match, but I’m moving this week and just slammed. Good luck guys!