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Resistance 2 Splitscreen Co-op, Redux |

A while ago I posted my impressions of Resistance 2’s splitscreen capabilities, mostly the co-op. The major complaint I had, and the reason why I decided not to buy the game, was because the second player’s progress wasn’t saved.

Well, Insomniac recently fixed that problem, so I picked up a copy of Resistance 2. (I had previously rented the game.) Steve and I played splitscreen co-op for about four hours last night.

While it’s very nice that Steve can log in using his PSN id, and that progress is now saved, there are still problems.

Some problems are “why did they do things that way” problems. Like the fact that, once a mission is complete, you have to basically start from the main screen again and choose your character classes again. Why can’t it just let us continue? Or the fact that we have to do five missions in Chicago, all of which will have a lot of areas common with each other, before we can progress. It would be nice if it gave us different areas of the city to do our missions in for each of the five.

Other problems are “is that a problem or not?” kind of problems. Last night Steve and I accumulated gray tech as we went through the levels. But at the end of the day, it said that we had accumulated 0/5 gray tech towards progressing out of the Chicago level. What’s up with that? As newbies, maybe it’s just a matter of being educated.

Some problems are annoying, but don’t affect gameplay. Like the fact that, at the end of the mission, it tells us player one’s experience points progress in a progress bar, but not player two’s progress.

And lastly, there are some problems that do affect gameplay. I started the evening with a medic at level 2.8 (approximately). I ended the evening with a medic at level 2.4 (approximately). What’s up with that? I remember both seeing a progress meter that went past the end, and also being told that I had leveled up to level 2, even though I already was a level 2. That’s quite frustrating.

  • Brasil

    The resistance servers are hosed due to the 1.5 patch.
    All of the stats are acting up, there are connection issues and more.

    There are hundreds of posts on the resistance forums if you care to hear a lot of people ranting. There they say a fix is coming by Monday.

    All of your stats are going to revert back to before the 1.5 patch.
    So, if you care about stats, ribbons and levels, then don’t play until the next patch.
    For me, things are a lot worse. This patch completely broke my game… it simply freezes after the insomniac logo and I have to reboot the system.

  • Darrin

    Sounds terrible. I haven’t played since the patch…

    I thought co-op was a ton of fun for a while and then the game burns out. It lacks the lasting appeal of something like WoW.

    It sounds like R2 is plagued by glitches… As much as I love WoW, that game had *tons* of bugs. I expected launch problems, but even a year down the road, the game still had major bugs (now they are really worked out). It was frequently unplayable for months at a time, but most people stuck though them. My point being that the bugs in R2 aren’t unusual for the industry, but the core game does need to be improved for MMO staying power.

    They should build like an MMO-style lounge area where you could walk around, form groups, shop for upgrades, and pick your instance.

    They should also be adding more co-op content. That would be much more desirable than competitive maps or skin packs.

  • I sold my copy yesterday (for the same price I imported it^^)

    It just wasn’t my game, so to speak. It wasn’t bad mind you, but the coop “sucked” (read: got boring FAST, even on superhuman), the SP campain was boring and I usually don’t play competitive.

  • Steve

    As Henning says, fixing player 2’s ability to save progress made it worthwhile to try the game again. But it doesn’t look like they’re quite there yet. We did both increase our level rank, and this seemed to be consistent until we switched character classes, played the opposite class for a while (starting from level 1), and then switched back. After that it wasn’t at all clear that it had remembered the levels we left our initial characters with when we resumed them.

    The mechanism for working through a “chapter” of the co-op campaign (e.g. Chicago) is very unclear, and in addition, set up in such a way that it is very difficult to retry an area that you got killed in. There are no checkpoints as such, and as Henning says, each mission starts in a different sector of what must (I can only charitably imagine) have been envisioned as a single long continuous path. But there’s no relationship between what you’ve successfully accomplished and where you start next (whether you succeed a given mission or not). So by the time you fail several other missions and get back to the first spot you got killed in, you’ve forgotten why you got killed and you’re just going to get killed again!

    The “gray tech” that we accumulated as we “progressed” (for lack of a better word) seemed to stay accumulated until we quit the game and restarted it to see what it remembered. It apparently didn’t remember that part. So since the “gray tech” is part of the requirement to advance to the next “chapter”, that didn’t look like it would have happened either, had we gotten that far.

    OK, so we may be waiting for patch 2.0 before we try this again. But I am looking forward to that – I like the interaction between the different specializations of characters. Depending on the character you’re playing, you have to keep in mind that you will need to supply your teammate with something periodically. Fortunately, if you forget, the game will remind you subtly (with an icon over the other character’s image), and eventually your teammate will remind you much less subtly. “Steve! I need ammo! Now!”

    We will also probably be trying out the online co-op mode in order to create a team of (at least) three characters, which will then be able to include a “soldier” class (I think that’s what they called it). That should make for a more powerful fighting unit than the medic + spec-ops combination that we are limited to with just two players.

  • George

    Last weekend I did some multi-player coop and finished a few more levels of the campaign, on the harder difficulty. So far for me the servers work great, mind you I’m playing after 23:00 PST so perhaps all the glitches get fixed by that time.

    One possible explanation for your level issue is the game is telling you about your overall level, which is a combination of the campaign, the coop classes, and the competetive area. That overall level is always going to be a bit more than what a specific class has.

  • Robert

    I think what he is referring to is the co-op offline content or at least his explanation is exactly what I’m experiencing. This is a game killer for me….I bought this game so my wife and I could play something together, but the way the co-op offline mode acts, I simply cannot bring myself to play the game any longer. Completing an entire map without fail is completely unresonable with no intermediate way to save progress. Failing (where both of you die) in co-op offline mode is the worst scenario I have EVER seen in a game that offers co-op period. We had successfully completed several of the scenarios that you start in (and why random starting points?) only to find out later after dying, that we had to do those scenarios over again…what a shame…I want my money back!

  • jeremy

    how do you sign in as 2 different people??…… me and my friend play coop and my screen name is jeremy but he is jeremy 2…how do we make it so he is under his own screen name??

    • When you go to the co-op splitscreen option, you’ll see in the bottom left corner that it says “P2 Hit Start to Login” or something like that. Use that.

      Note that, before you enter R2, your friend will have to create an account on your machine, and tie it to his PSN id.

  • jeremy

    it still logs him in as jeremy 2

  • When he hits Start to login, is he prompted for an account on your PS3 to use?

  • Perry

    Hi Guys,

    Have been reading the posts and have an addition to the co op split screen. Player 1 levels up along with player 2, then after a restart of the system, boths players keep the levels up, but only player 2 keeps the ‘grey tech’. Then when we play to get more grey tech, Player 1 levels up from lv1 (not lv5)?!

    It’s all very strange and frustrating! any ideas? or is this just part of an annoying bug!?

  • Megantereon

    I have been playing offline and on-line co-op. It seems the issues raised here are educational. Offline we both level up and keep geytech points, which persist on both accounts. You need to create two accounts for this to happen of course, otherwise how could the servers possibly remember and synchronize the points on the two accounts? This is easy to do under create new account option on PS3.

    Expecting progress to occur through coop maps is also unrealistic since the entire team would have to progress together through all the maps. You would have to give up the Find Game option or the synchronized point option, which are fundamental aspects of coop for leveling up.

  • arkansaniac

    i wish they would have left it alone! the split screen in the first one was awesome.