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Big PS3 Announcement tomorrow? |

There are rumors going around that Sony is going to make a big announcement tomorrow about the PS3. This is coming from a site I’ve never heard of, so I wouldn’t get your hopes up to high. It could even be a big April Fools joke, lol.

Some people think it’s a price cut, which would be great. I think $300 would be the sweet spot. It could also be related to firmware as well. There have been hints on Netflix coming to the PS3.

What do you think it might be?

Big PS3 Announcement Tipped This Week

  • Hentaku

    I heard about this on Kotaku a while ago. They stated that they received word from Sony directly that there was a big announcement to be made on Tuesday but didn’t specify what it was for; PSP, PS2, PS3 etc.. Most sites seem to believe it is a PS2 price drop.

  • Ceidz

    Oh boy…
    Yesterday, I read on a news site that there was supposed to be a big announcement from Square-Enix regarding Sony AND the Kingdom Hearts franchise this week. Many speculations about a KH3 exclusively on PS3.
    Never realized before now that it could be an April Fools …

  • Well, tomorrow is the 31st of march, not the 1st of April. So I can’t see how it should be an Aprils Fool. Unless ofcourse Sonys calendars are wrong.

    But the rumour I’ve heardm and which I believe to be credible is, that Sony will lower the price for the PS2(!) down to 99 dollars.

    But I guess we’ll find out tomorrow. 🙂

  • True for us tomorrow will be March 31st. But think about timezones.

  • Oh yeah right, time zones…

    But still we’re not able to tell beforehand if they will come up with an April Fool’s joke or not, if they were to break the story when the clock turns April 1st.

    I still believe, that what they will be saying will be legit. But it’s impossible to say before the announcement.

  • Well more popular websites said there is indeed a big announcement tomorrow. A couple says Sony has denied the price drop rumors. mmmm wonder what it is.

  • Ceidz

    Sorry for the april fool’s misleading !
    I thought we were the 31st march, instead of the 30th. My bad 😀


    Guess there’s no PS3 price drop. The PS2 is dropping to 99 bucks though.

  • Ah, well. On the PS2 price drop … meh. There is another rumor that FW 2.70 will hit April 2nd … lol, well see.

  • darrin

    The source of the rumor said there was a big “Sony” gaming-related announcement. The Internet rumor mill interpreted that as a PS3 announcement because they mostly don’t care about PS2/PSP.