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Bootleg Uncharted 2 Gameplay Video

UPDATE: a new version is up, which will also probably be taken down soon.

Leaked from GDC. This will probably be removed from YouTube soon, so check it out while you can.

It looks great, but basically like the first Uncharted.


Killzone 2 1.21 Patch Details

From the official forums:

Pending any unforseen problems, early next week patch 1.21 will be released. I’ll confirm the timings on Monday. The patch includes the following:

-Increase of the standard points settings for Bodycount. Should ensure longer mode on heavily populated games.
-The return of Online Bots. Adding bots to an online game renders it ‘unranked’.
-The option to create unranked games. Players will be made aware that a game is unranked upon joining.
-Fix to Game Search functionality so correct maps are displayed.
-Standardization of the Y-Axis controls on the HGH Scout when zoomed with the Sniper Rifle.
-Fix to Sensitivity setting where the weapon animation did not follow the reticule correctly.
-Fix for auto-aim exploit when rapidly tapping zoom/fire.
-Fix to infrequent collision issues with C4 Proximity mines.
-Fix to list of games displayed on search.
-Stability fix relating to disconnect.
-Fix to ‘Clan’ button functionality in custom game creation settings.

We are also working on the next updates and here are some of the areas we are exploring and investigating for the future patches:

-Controls. Seeing about giving more options.
-Expanding on Join Game searches and options.
-Improving game and network stability.
-Collision exploits on maps.
-Improvements to help play with friends.
-More game creation options.
-More game options for clans.
-Fixes to Clans unexpectadly losing tournament rounds.
-Other minor fixes.

Now the above does not include the DLC updates that we are working on and they wont all come straight away, but I wanted to give you an idea of the areas we are exploring. If anything else pops up we will of course add that too More on future updates soon.

UPDATE: Something I noticed in the comments to this thread on the forum:

I have one question, is there any intent to expand on the ranking/award system further (possibly by adding more ribbons and medals). Maybe allowing players to unlock additional new weapons, maybe additional weapons and character skins, and other little things that can be earned as your keep accumulating points (past general rank) ?


Seb Downie – Producer – Guerrilla Games

Nice! That would add some longevity to the game.



Mockers Week #4 – Redux

killzone2_smallAbout Thursday Night: I think we had eight people at one point, which worked pretty well. I have to say I died a lot. Some people are complaining that the game is laggy. That seems to happen when I set up the game. In the future someone else has to set up games, but please remember to allow people of all ranks to join your game.

Some people are itching for a clan battle. Frankly, I don’t see enough teamwork yet for that. I have some ideas, and I’ll be making a new post about a clan battle later.

About Wednesday Night: We had about ten people playing at one point last night, which was great. Thanks to everyone that showed up. Beware Hentaku’s turrets and shotgun! Man oh man!

One of the craziest parts about setting up a game is that I start the game before anybody has joined. I wander around a level to see if there’s anything new I can discover. Plus, it also makes the game a bit shorter while everyone gathers, because I’ve used up some of the time wandering around, which is good. But it’s always a shock when the first person enters the game because I usually don’t notice until BAM! I’m dead. What the? It nearly gives me a heart attack.

But then a lot of people fell out and by the end it was two against three, which wasn’t fair at all. I’m starting to think that six people is the minimum for a good game. At the very least, when the numbers get that low, it should be an equal number on each side. I tried dropping out and coming back in, hoping that the game would put me on the other side to help balance the game a bit, but it put me on the same side again. This is exactly why I had turned faction balancing off in a previous game, but it had backfired because people didn’t Auto Select, which you really should do. So guys, if you can choose a side in a future game, please don’t. Just Auto Select. If faction balancing is off, it’s so that we can try to balance unbalanced games, okay?

I have to say that I’m discouraged by the fact that The Mockers has more than fifty members, but I still haven’t seen some of them join us. Last night I saw someone from The Mockers who’d never joined us before, playing in a different game. What’s the point of being part of a clan then? I’m going to start kicking people, and going on another recruiting drive. If you have any friends that would like to join, and who would play regularly, please tell them about The Mockers. I have a lot of fun getting to know you guys, and hearing The Preppy Monk argue with someone else in the background was funny. “It’s not over, I was respawning!” 🙂 (Sorry dude, it was funny.)

About Tuesday Night: Last night there were a total of four of us playing. (Fleakitten, Brasil, Hentaku, and me.) Thank-you for showing up!

While I had fun planting C4 and getting my last C4 ribbon, and therefore my C4 medal, I think that playing two versus two doesn’t work all that well.

Is setting up three game nights during the week too much? Would we get more of a turnout if I only planned one match? That’s kinda week, IMHO, for a clan built around playing KZ2.


Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

Insomniac already said the Ratchet & Clank sequel was coming in Fall of 2009 (at the end of the Quest for Booty downloadable game) so this isn’t exactly a new announcement. But now, the sequel has a name. And we get a “teaser” trailer tomorrow. I’m expecting that this trailer is merely some CG padding without any gameplay shots.


Here is my brief two-point wish list. Care to add any others?

  1. Evolve the game play beyond just adding more content and levels. I loved pretty much every R&C title thus far including Tools of Destruction and Quest for Booty. However, the series does need to evolve in some way. How? Honestly, I don’t know. But I’m sure the guys that work on this game year round have had some good ideas.
  2. Don’t dumb it down. Tools of Destruction kept the weapons store, several upgrade systems, a full weapon wheel, and a health bar while Resistance 2 got stripped down to a more on-rails script-heavy type of experience. They can’t make it too complicated, because it needs to be accessible to a younger audience. I’m hoping that they can continue to do what Pixar is notorious for doing with movies: make one product that appeals to both kids and adults on different levels.


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