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How Tekken 6 will look on the PS3

It’s impressive to see it in motion. I must have it!

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MAG Gameplay Trailer

It will be very impressive if they can pull this off with little to no lag. Looks fun though.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Gamestop Pre-order Bonus

I haven’t pre-ordered this at Gamestop yet. But I think I will today. The “danger room” looks very fun. I think this is the first video with blood too. As a big Wolverine fan I’m looking forward to this game, it’s been a while since the last Wolverine game. Anyone else getting this?

X-Men Origins Wolverine Cover

Here are all the details:

Custom Combat Arena: This huge space lets players select any combination of enemies from within the game, beam them into the arena, and attempt to defeat them. Face ten hulking Leviathans or a blend of towering W.E.N.D.I.G.O. Prototypes, Machete Champions, and Machine gunners. It gives players endless permutations of exciting battles.

Environmental Kill room: This large room features small set-ups of each of the various environments found within the main game. All of these environments contain sharp objects on which Wolverine can impale his enemies. By pushing a red button, players can teleport in a group of soldiers and to see them creatively skewered.

Ladder Challenge room: This features an array of teleportation disks against the far wall. Pushing a red button will cause a group of enemies to beam into the room. Each time the red button is pushed, the enemies get tougher and more numerous, laddering up the challenge for Wolverine.

Dismemberment Room: Using a control panel, this room lets players select various limbs and body parts on a holographic soldier. Once the selections are locked in, the soldier appears in a tiled room viewed and the selected limbs are severed with spectacular results.

I was secretly hoping that there would be an option to have Wolverine claws in PlayStation Home, lol. Ah, well. I have my real ones at home.

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iTrophies for the iPhone

UPDATE: FWIW, I purchased and reviewed the app without prompting from the author. Now he sent me a promo code to give away to one of my readers. Neat, huh? So whoever wants it, please reply to this post. I’ll pick someone at random in a couple days.

itrophies_mainI wish I could have written this app. As software developers, we sometimes come across apps and think that hey, that’s cool, I wish I had done that. iTrophies is like that, especially considering that I’m an iPhone developer myself. It’s an app that lets you check out your own personal Trophies on your iPhone. It logs into the European PlayStation website, and gets your Trophy information. (I assume it does this by scraping the site. I wish I knew how he does it so that I can do it too!)

That mention of the European website was not by mistake. You have to have logged into at least once for this app to work. I’ve seen one bad review of this app complaining that you can’t even log in. My guess is that the reviewer didn’t log in to the website first.

itrophies_gamesSo, just like logging into or or wherever else, you specify your email address and password, and you’re in! The main screen gives you the option of remembering the un/pw combo or not. I don’t know why you wouldn’t, it just saves time. I wish, however, that if the un/pw were saved, that the app would go ahead and log in right away instead of taking the extra step of prompting you.

Once you’re in the app, you see all your trophy totals. You see your PSN id along platinum, gold, silver, and bronze trophy counts. All the screens including this one are all a little low on the pizazz scale, but the developer is already working on version 2 with an improved GUI. I’m looking forward to that.

itrophies_singleUsing the tab bar you can also select your games and an about page.

The games page is exactly what you’d expect – a list of your games that you’ve earned trophies for.

When you touch a game you see trophy counts for that game, plus the list of trophies you do and do not have. If you click on an individual trophy, you can do a YouTUBE search for a video that would hopefully help you earn that trophy. I haven’t tried that part.

The about page is pretty typical, though it has what looks like links but aren’t.

For a measly $2, I think this app is a steal. It does exactly what it says it does, and I can’t think of anything that’s missing.




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