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Firmware 2.70 |

From the official PlayStation blog:

Hi everyone, we’re adding some great new features with the next PS3 firmware update (v2.70) that will continue to enhance your connected experience on the PS3. The 2.70 update brings a new Text Chat feature that enables you to communicate online with your PlayStation Network friends. Now, you’ll be able to chat with up to 15 online friends using the Wireless Keypad, on-screen keyboard, or other compatible keyboard peripherals. Not only can you chat with your friends instantly, but you can also access Text Chat while playing PS3 games and even participate in up to three chat rooms at once.

In addition to Text Chat, we’ve added a few more enhancements:

Friends list on the XMB (XrossMediaBar)

* Sort your friends via their online status
* Attach larger files to the messages you send to your friends (file size will increase from 1MB to 3MB)

Video delivery service on PlayStation Store

* Video files you’ve purchased from the PlayStation Store can be backed up to an external storage device and then restored to PS3’s internal hard drive for playback – so you can clear up space on your hard drive and then restore the video anytime in the future
* Videos you’ve purchased for PSP (PlayStation Portable) system can now be transferred to PS3 for playback

For a quick preview of Text Chat and some of the other 2.70 features, check out this video:

  • That chat room will be very handy while in game 🙂

  • MrAshfold

    Sony didn’t make the update available for download, so you have to use the internet system damm it’s slow…
    On the webpage the only FW you can download is 2.60 how stupid is that ??

  • John

    The hidden gem in this update is the Dynamic Normalizer!!!! Woohooo! Finally!!!

  • Other changes:

    * You can now perform text chat with people who are on our friends list. You can chat with them while you are playing a game. To use this feature, go to [Friends] > [Start New Chat], and then select [Text Chat].
    * Using the Internet, you can now easily search for the latest information about the games that you own. To use this feature, select the icon for the game, and then select [Internet Search] from the options menu.
    * You can now copy and paste text.
    * You can copy text from the Internet Browser and paste it into the text entry field of the on-screen keyboard to make it easier to enter text.
    * You can now set an option to reduce the difference in volume level between tracks to help avoid sudden, loud output.
    * You can set this option in [Settings], [Music Settings]> [Dynamic Normalizer].

  • BS

    Why can’t I log into this site with my ps3 its bullcrap

  • Sporty

    I like the new Time remaining counter when downloading.

  • The chat room will be good for mockers.

  • mcloki

    I have a question from another article I read. it said you could now play PSP games on your PS3. Another freind of mine told me you could od that all along. I just need clarification.
    Can I download a PSP game and play it on my PS3. I do not own a PSP. I’m just wondering. I’ve had a PS3 forever but I’ve never wanted a PSP game until Castlevania came out. IT’s just something that came up.
    I like the in game text chat. Should make SOCOM even crazier.

  • John

    You can play downloaded PS1 games, and the PSP can play them too. But PSP-specific games can’t be played on the PS3.

  • mcloki

    Thanks. That’s what I thought.

  • thanks for updating this! love it

  • sam

    16 player text based chat rooms?It’s like they just gave up trying to compete with Xbox lives service

  • You know I’m actually really enjoying the text chat room, it’s very easy to chat with my friends while in game. I doubt I’ll ever send a regular message again.