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Tales of Vesperia Coming to PS3 |

UPDATE: Removed rumor tag. This has been confirmed.

I have to say, this was already expected. Namco did 360 timed exclusives with Ridge Racer and Eternal Sonata that were later ported to PS3 and Namco’s Katamari series had a 360 exclusive window that has expired and the game is now coming to the PS3. I forget (and don’t really care) about the state of Namco’s Ace Combat.

This site has several scans including this:


Some people have postulated that this these timed exclusive releases are due to programming issues, but that doesn’t make sense. If so, then the developers would eagerly talk about the upcoming cross platform release, and would have mentioned the technical roadblacks in interviews. Instead, we’ve seen the developers in these situations carefully avoid any mention of a cross platform release and dodge questions on the subject. This points to business agreements with media gag clauses.

  • It’s all about the deals and mulah Microsoft likes to throw around to secure timed exclusives. While it’s not proven money ever exchanged hands with Namco and Enix and others, I think we have the 50 million bucks Microsoft slid to Take-Two for DLC as an example of how Microsoft likes to work.

    Anyway, I’m getting tired of celshaded rpgs…

  • Stephen

    ToV is one of the better tales games of the series. It is good that ToV is coming to PS3. The only recent Tales game that can match ToV is probably Tales of Symphonia

    I played it on 360 already. If they have enough extras on the PS3 version, I will buy the game again.

  • ehandlr

    I passed this one up on the 360…but if it has trophies..I’ll gamefly it for the PS3 probably.