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Mockers Week #5 Redux |

UPDATE: See below under Wednesday and Thursday. Plus, would you guys like me to use the forums for this kind of thing, or continue using

killzone2_smallAbout Tuesday: Well that didn’t work, did it?

I bowed to the pressure and made it a non-bots game so that everyone could get more stats. But it ended up being a three versus three game like any other. I forgot (again) to make sure my headset was charged. Doh!

Did anyone notice any lag?

I can’t say that I was pleased with the spawn camping either. It’s not fun to exit your spawn area to find a turret and two enemies lying in wait. Thanks guys.

Tonight I think I’ll go with my original instinct and we should play some humans versus bots.

About Wednesday: Thanks everyone for showing up! I think it was a mild success. We were all in squads together and sometimes we even backed each other up. I think the main problem was that the bots were too easy to kill. Maybe some Elite bots next time. Next time I hope we can all try to stick together with our squads a little more too.

After most people left, Hentaku, xBerserker (for a while), and I played another game against seven bots. We upped the difficulty to veteran (AFAIK, I didn’t set up the game). We still won.

I was just talking to TCCCCnME, and he said that he didn’t realize that we had left the game to create a new one with tougher bots. Sorry if that wasn’t clear. We were discussing it in the lobby, but I guess not all of you heard that. Even if you don’t have a headset, you should be able to hear conversations if you have your accessory settings set up correctly. The lesson is that if you see people leave a game, wait around for a bit and see if they’ve set up a different one.

About Thursday: I mention what’ll happen tonight in this post.


    It looks to me like the same people usually show up every week and I know that a good majority of those people are already Generals, so it really shouldn’t make a difference if we play an unranked game. Some of the guys who were talking that they really wanted stats when we play our games didn’t even show up. My guess we have 50+ members and only 8 to 10 of us play. I think we need to start kicking people out. Lets just play against bots, get some good practice and when we all think were ready we can play against another clan.

    I think the spawn camping (guilty) was because when were playing 3 vs 3 it’s much easier to stay in a smaller area. That area just happened to be near the ISA camp. It’s happened to me a ton of times, but I would rather them do that at least if I start to die I can retreat back to the back of the spawn area to regenerate or if I did die usually a medic is close by. Atleast we didn’t have 32 people all near the spawn area! I shouldn’t defend it because it is not proper, and if we did something like that in a clan vs clan match against a decent opponent we would probably get slaughtered. We need to let them come to us, not us go to them.


    Oh ya I am still looking for my bluetooth headset (from the move). Hopefully my wife put it in one of the remaining boxes. I didn’t notice any lag at all last night, but it did seem like Blackstaffer you were dropping out?

  • Yeah I dropped out for a bit because my son was having trouble sleeping and he wanted me.

  • Hentaku

    I think you’re referring to me, specifically with the spawn camping lol. As neither teams i was on last night had spawn points deployed. Well, all i can say is expect it to happen lol. Especially when you throw a spawn point right next to the objective, and of course when its a Body Count, i mean come on, its easy kills right there. I can see the problem if we were camping the start point spawn area but when its a spawn smoke grenade, you don’t have to spawn there.

  • I don’t mind spawn camping on smoke grenades, but IIRC it was a home base.

  • Trieloth

    Humm Spawn camping is very rude. No matter how you put it. Have you guys ran a clan before? You do know its extremly hard. I would be amazed if you had more than ten people that are dedicated. Me and four other people ran Force Recon for about a year. People have no reason to always show up. Especially if its a casual clan.

  • Hentaku

    I dunno, i just watched the replays for both games and saw no base spawn camping going on in either, by either team.

  • Maybe I misremember where I spawned.

  • thepreppymonk

    man don’t kick me out just yet, i have to buy the game. i’ll have it in 1 to 2 weeks tops.

  • Don’t worry. Only people that have never played are in danger of being kicked, and that’s only to make room for more people who want to get in.


    Sorry I couldn’t make it tonight guys. I’ve been busy with homework.


    I heard the first time when we changed games because of the lag, but I just missed the second conversation. Henning is right, if your not sure just stick around for a few minutes. A good way to do that is to go back to the clan page and go to the tab, online members, From there it will update automatically when a member gets on a new game.

    I probably should have taken my own advice, huh???

    I hope we get a good turnout like last night on tonight’s match.

    See you guys tonight!!

  • The cross game chat should really help good flow of information..

  • JimmyMagnum

    just an FYI, I had to download the update and it’s taking forever, so it’ll be a while before I can get on

  • i am just not able to play very often. i am really sorry πŸ™ so if you need to kick me from the clan to make room for more active players, please feel free to do so.