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SCEA John Koller had a few comments regarding MAG:

“It’s basically like an iteration of SOCOM, where you’re maybe commanding the SEALs, and someone else has the Rangers, and the Green Berets, and so on,”

Wow, that sounds like the most boring game concept of this generation. Different teams, military theme, guns… How innovative.

I am hoping for more of an iteration of the PC game PlanetSide than an iteration of SOCOM. I’ve never played the PS2 glory SOCOMs, but from what I gather, it was basically a console version of Counterstrike: tactical military action, no respawns, and highly addictive. But that era has passed. The world has enough plain military shooters already.

I still imagine that Zipper is aiming for a bigger design concept. Maybe a more persistent world angle or MMO functionality or just a grander version of Battlefield? No way are they going to put out another generic and forgettable shooter.

“If you look at that competitively, it’s something that’s only possible on PS3.”

There is nothing magical about the computer hardware inside the PS3 and everyone knows it. What sets the PS3 apart from the rest is the amazing software lineup, the simplicity compared to a PC, and the flexibility and lack of vendor lock-in compared to a 360. Why do some Sony reps still talk like that? It comes across as out of touch and annoying.

We will see more on Zipper’s big PS3 debut title this E3 and I’m expecting much more than a mere SOCOM iteration.

  • Mike Jones

    Plain military shooter? Killzone 2 is a shining example of a “plain military shooter”, yet it gets touted as being one of the greatest games ever. SPOILERS: It’s the same generic, green gray and brown first person drivel that console gamers seem to love so much. Space marines shooting space marines. How innovative.

  • Smegmazor

    I agree with Mike Jones. Socom is not a Pop Shooter and has never been. Though the developers at Slant 6 tried to implement trendy Pop Shooter elements, it still kicks Killzone and all the other bland shooters in the ass.

    MAG is stepping it up 10 notches. Zipper knows what they’re doing as far as creating huge maps that require serious tactics when battling against others online. The huge scope of the game leaves me to believe that in one single match we’ll have all the game modes that are usually played on Socom, ie Demoltion, Breach, Extraction, Escort, and perhaps even Convoy.

    This game is going to be huge and way more innovative than what we’re seeing today with these plain old First Person Shooters.

  • Call me a skeptic, but I’m not holding out much hope for this game. I hope I’m pleasantly surprised.

  • mcloki

    I hope it’s good. I like SOCOM. It’ fun and it has a tension so rarely found in games these days. Either they are dumbed down R2, killzone single player. Or really hard DMC 4. People make interesting opponents. Most of them suck, but on a few occasions it’s nice to see a group of strangers work together to a common goal.
    Zipper ha a chance to make a very interesting game. Mixing up the games modes into one game with unit based objectives would make for a areally good game. They should work on integrating clan support and ladder tournaments right in gane to make it an even more community game feel.

  • Smegmazor

    Abigail posted this on the official forums:

    Hi, All-

    I wanted to make sure you all saw my response in this thread. We felt it was important that we manage expectations and make sure you aren’t expecting MAG to be an “iteration of SOCOM.” So just to repeat what I said there:

    “I just wanted to give you a heads up in response to the quote about MAG being an “iteration of SOCOM.” I wanted to clarify that this is a misstatement. MAG is a brand new IP and is unrelated to SOCOM. It is not a sequel nor built upon SOCOM. It will be a brand new experience.”


  • Jerry

    That last post is wicked funny. “Let me correct my self, before you all get confused and think that we are creating a game; based on another game that already sucks.” LOL I am 100% confident that this well be a 7.5 to 8 rated game with average sales.
    In my opinion online shooters need to be fast paced and have quick matches. big long games with 100’s of people usually suffer from teammates dropping out if the scores become uneven. (e.g losing 15 to 1)
    Lets hope they can create something that beakes the traditional mold for an online shooter and really challenge players to actually make a difference on a losing team rather then quit becuase the other team is ahead.

  • Gman

    I tired the MAG beta. Thought it would be the best game ever, it was dissapointing. It felt alot like the Timeshift online demo. Kind of boring because you have to run quite a bit to the battle scenes after you respawn and you don’t seem to run very fast. Default controls are also feel more difficult than other first person shooters I have played in the past.