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Why Nintendo is so Successful |

The two popular theories I hear on this are completely wrong: price and gameplay innovation.

Price is a factor, but people ultimately decide on what they want first and figure out how to afford it second. By now, even the most ardent enthusiast fans of the Wii will admit that it is dead last in game quality. The motion controller that was supposed to be a revolution has thus far been underwhelming.

EARTH TO GAME INDUSTRY: Society does not like you.

Parents are afraid that if they buy their kids a game console that they will turn into some kind of horrible, pale, overweight basement vampire. Socially conscious adults take pride in their career achievements and exercise regimens, but shamefully hide their passive butt-numbing leisure activities.

Video games aren’t a stimulating hobby to spend more time on, they are a lazy vice enjoyed in moderation. People listen to what the couch potato connoseuirs are excited about and disassociate themselves by heading in the opposite direction.

Nintendo sells the pleasure without the shame.

  • “Parents are afraid that if they buy their kids a game console that they will turn into some kind of horrible, pale, overweight basement vampire.”

    lol, great line man.

  • George

    If you have young kids, Nintendo products are great. Most of their titles are “E” for everyone and actually playable by kids.

    It’s really hard to find any “E” type games on the PS3 that kids are interested in. Most of the decent ones are on PSN.

    It will probably never happen, but a “real” pokemon game for PS3 would be an instant success.

  • We have a Wii. My kids (3, 5, and 8 ) prefer to play LittleBigPlanet on the PS3. They rarely touch the Wii.

  • Darrin

    Same here. From the reaction of my step daughter and her friends, LittleBigPlanet is easily their favorite game ever. The Lego games (cross platform) are a distant second. I never see them touch the Wii.

    DS is perfect to buy for a small child of 4-10 (and up). PSP needs an older kid.

    (Thanks Tosh!)

  • I’ve played the Wii once and meh. But it was Wii sports. I don’t have a Wii myself. My wife hates the Wii with a passion, but she likes the PS3.

  • Hentaku

    Like Tosh i’ve played the Wii once over my friends house. I personally feel that it is more brand loyalty more than anything else. Me and my friends grew up with Nintendo systems, Nintendo Magazine, and yes… Nintendo Cereal. While I have moved away from Nintendo my friend hasn’t, yet i never seen him once play it. The time i got to play it over his house was just to try it out, and i only played it for maybe 10 minutes.

  • Stephen

    I have a Wii too.

    The only games on the system I really enjoyed are Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (old school strategy RPG), Zelda and the two trauma center on the system.

    No more Heroes is all right..

    The other major titles such as Super Smash Brother and Mario Kart on Wii are big disappointments compare to the Gamecube version. Nintendo improved these series very little on the Wii.

    The only upcoming games on the Wii I look forward to is Muramasa: The Demon Blade

    I think Wii’s game library is pretty sad when compared to the PS3 or XBOX360

  • MrAshfold

    “Nintendo sells the pleasure without the shame.”
    That’s it.
    Only one of my 25-30 years old fiends brought the wii and it was because he’s a brand fan.
    If I see someone buying the wii it’s because mommy and daddy pay for what they think it’s a non violent gaming platform.

  • sam

    I disagree.Nintendo developed software is usually much higher quality than most.Metroid, Zelda, Mario galaxy, Smash bros. mario kart say hello.They have their shortcomings too but you seem to rant like a total fanboy here.

    I understand, it’s ok.your favorite videogame company is being pummelled by Nintendo in the sales charts and you have to have some sort of reason.If what you say is correct, why did the gamecube fail so miserably?

    And for those of you who dismiss the Wii after only playing one or two games, try some more.If i acted like you guys i would have never bought a ps3 because the first game i played was resistance and i thought it sucked.I am glad i based my purchasing decision on more than that one game i played.

    But to be honest i play my Wii more than any other system, and i own all three.I am not a casual gamer.As a matter of fact i have been a “hardcore” gamer for years.Virtual console, wiiware, and the quality software that is put on the wii far outweigh the shovelware that bloodsucking third parties dump on the system.

  • Darrin

    Sure, Mario/Zelda/Metroid are highly respected by enthusiasts. I never said Nintendo didn’t make any quality products, but seriously, those titles are not what is selling the Wii. The top selling Wii titles are Wii Sports, Wii Play, and Wii Fit, and even Nintendo enthusiast fans like yourself aren’t that excited about those.

  • amin hayamasaki

    Wiisports and wiifit are nintendo’s best games this gen. Mario link and samus doesn’t even come close