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Metal Gear Online Update 1.31 brings … |

the option to purchase additional content using PlayStation®Network wallet. Just select the in game menu “MGO Shop(PlayStation®Network)”. The MGO shop now keeps you within the game itself. You can press square on the item you want to purchase to learn more and it opens a web browser with more info. If you press x you are taken to the PlayStation Store to purchase.

But I have a feeling that if you search for MGO content on the PlayStation Store itself, it won’t be there, but let me know if it is. The 1.31 update itself is pretty small so it doesn’t take long. Be sure to select the HTTP download.

Right now I’ve been splitting my gaming time between Killzone 2 and Metal Gear Online. Both are fun games, but there is always stuff to unlock with Metal Gear Online, that why I keep going back to it. My MGO name is xBerserker if your curious. There is also some bonus points being handed out:

BONUS REWARD POINTS giveaway campaign has been extended due to the delay of PlayStation®Network wallet payment option
Due to the delay of PlayStation®Network wallet payment option, we will extend the BONUS REWARD POINTS giveaway campaign for players who use the PlayStation®Network wallet payment option ONLY. Please note that the date the bonus rewards points given can vary.

◆Bonus rewards points will be given after the scheduled maintenance on 4/7/2009 for players who purchased the subjected item at the WEB site or MGO ONLINE SHOP before the beginning of scheduled maintenance on 3/31/2009.

◆Bonus rewards points will be given after the schedule maintenance on 4/28/2009 for players who purchased the subjected item ingame at the MGO Shop(PlayStation®Network) from 4/1/2009 to the beginning of scheduled maintenance on 4/21/2009.

  • MGO is too hard. 🙂

  • It’s not so bad, I sucked at it for a while. I was stuck around level 5 for the first few months. Now I float around level 11.

  • Darrin

    MGSO is awesome.

    But yes, it is too hard: the player base has a higher skill level than other games like Killzone 2, the level progression system is more unfriendly to newbies, and the controls have more of a learning curve.

    But if you can get passed all that (and the obnoxious custom ID system), the game itself is fantastic.

  • They have added a lot of content over the past year. I was actually hooked back in the original MGO days on the PS2. Ahhh, memories 🙂

  • Matthew

    I just bought MGS4 and cant seem to download MGO. Does it patch the original version of the game right up to version 1.31? Its just sitting on 0i/!!!!
    What do i do?! I completed MGS4 and now wanna play the ruddy game online!

  • Matthew

    I take it back..Its now at 2 percent…
    I guess ill bide my time for a while…

  • Do HTTP Download, do NOT do peer to peer. If you need help I’m a trainer 🙂 I can set up a room to teach you some stuff.

  • thaJOKERface

    isn’t there a paypal option coming to eu? just a question

  • What options do you have now? I thought PayPal was enabled, but I do remember reading they disable it for a while for some reason.

  • thaJOKERface

    in europe the options are the playstation network wallet option. and the normal payment methods. but i only will get the paypal option to buy extra slot. cause i dont own a c. card. thats why i had this question if theres a paypal payment option coming to us europeans 🙂

  • What errors are you getting?

  • lee snake

    i got a server error message at about 80%. any help please guys

  • Are you downloading the HTTP method?

  • khamir

    can i download the update from pc then put it to my ps3

  • Not that I know of.

  • Vi3tK1d

    the 1.31 download takes a long time even though its small… i did the http download an its around 5% for 30 min…??

  • Weird do you ports on your router open for MGO/PS3?

  • rkcrk5

    i have the same problem. i love mgs4, but cant get it to download. Why not do p2p? its doing something right now but im not getting anywhere.

  • Well p2p is basically the same idea as a torrent. So unless you have people downloading at the exact same time as you it’s not really worth it. Just to HTTP, trust me.

  • james

    well ive bought the 3 expantions in one bundle and you are ment to get this new gear charcters and maps but u still ahve to get reward points to get the gear u paid for which i think is crap

  • Aca89Maker

    Tosh, I have a problem I download it in http and when it was already charged, in the moment of the instalation at 5% it comes a message saying “network problems” and I have to do the same progress again =(

  • Strange, contact Konami about it and see what they say.

    (310) 220-8330
    [email protected]
    [email protected] (not sure if this is still being checked or not though)

  • Aca89Maker

    look the problem is when i install the game, at 5% its says “an error has ocured”

  • Aca89Maker

    one more thing today a created the konami id, u think that was the problem?

  • I’ll do some research and get back to you.

  • jan_vit

    i have problems installing version 1.31 of mgo. when it reaches 15% it keeps saying “an installation error occured” and this has really been annoying since i haven’t been able to play for several months now. HELP!

  • Aca89Maker

    jan_vit, I have the same problems when I’m installing the update and I don’t know what to do.

  • I called (310) 220-8330 and they don’t offer MGO support over the phone so they told me to e-mail [email protected] about it. So I’m doing that now, and I’ll let you guys know what they say.

    My thought would be to delete the SYSTEM DATA for MGS4, (NOT THE SAVE DATA!!!!!). But wait until I hear back. The lady on the phone said I should get a response today.

    I tried sending e-mail to [email protected] & [email protected] as well. Seems like they are dead. So just use [email protected] if you need help.

  • jan_vit

    thanks tosh! i appreciate it!

  • This is the exact response I got:

    Dear Konami Customer,

    Thank you for contacting Konami Customer Support.

    Please have anyone who is having difficulty contact us directly so that we can assist them further.

    KDE-US Support

    [email protected]
    Hours of Operation 9:00 to 5:00 pm PST

  • jan_vit

    anyway thanks tosh! i hope i can get it to work

  • I would delete the SYSTEM DATA for MGS4, (NOT THE SAVE DATA!!!!!) Back up your save data just in case. Just a FYI you’ll have to install it all over again.

  • Aca89Maker

    mmm I erased my system data, now I don’t know how to install it again.

  • Just boot up MGS4 again.

  • confused dude

    How do u http???

  • When you download the patch you can choose P2P or HTTP. Choose HTTP.

  • roydo6

    hey i will risk my data b/c i have no backup thing i just hope the save data does not get lost but if it does its not hard game. plus i love the story mode any other ideas about downloading w/out screw up let me know at [email protected] .

  • You could always just plug-in a usb thumb drive / psp whatever to back up your save data if you want to.

  • Badman

    does any body know how to access the mgo store and reward store

  • You can access it from the menu in MGO. I believe it’s from the personal data section. Or from a PC here

  • Kirin

    wow i let it downlaod for like 5 hours last night. its so slow! i just bought the game too

  • Did you select peer to peer to http download?

    In any case always do http download.

  • killingspreeguy

    how fast did it take u to download urs tosh?

  • Been a while since the last update, but maybe 5-15 mins max.

  • nightmare

    i downloaded the patch from the HTTP option. took me over 4 damn hours and then when it was installing i got an error and it closed. so pissed now i have to re-do the entire thing ='[.

    stupid konami why cant they just put it on the net so we can put on a USB and install it that way.

  • Ok need some help I bought the expansion pack from the PSN not the MGO shop but what do I need to do to download it. It just shows that I purchased it but what else do I need to do.

  • I don’t think there is anything to download. It just unlocks the content.