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Home content arriving starting today |

Sometimes today there will be more home spaces and content. There is a Godfather II space where you can catch a sneak peak at the poker table in the upcoming EA Sports Home space.

It will be used to host a Celebrity Poker tournament which you can attend on the night of Thursday April 9. Just turn up at around 8pm EST dressed as your favorite celebrity and join in.

A week from now check out the Resident Evil 5 space. You can play with the game’s developers and the Home community team in co-op mode. Pretty cool, wish I had that game, lol. Be sure to be there from 6pm – 10pm EST, and they’ll play for a entire chapter or 20 minutes. Just set up a game-launching session so they can join you. The new Resident Evil 5 space will have a new minigame and souvenir shop which has Chris and Sheva costumes.

Good updates to home this week just keep up this pace Sony. Keep adding spaces, but also add functionality like more Game Launching, Photo Frames and TV in your apt. Allow more members in the Home Clubs, 32 is to low, 64 or 100 is a good number. Maybe just limit it to 32 in the actual club house at any given time.

More Home content coming April 9

  • Kris

    I just went into home and some resident evil stuff, red bull air show, and the usual places are up. So anyone can play poker? Or do you need the godfather game?

  • Darrin

    I’m most interested in seeing the Haunted House at the Siren Space (currently this is live in Japan but not the west).

    They really have some genuinely clever ideas for all these different spaces.

  • I’ve seen photos of the Siren Space, looks cool. To bad Home is locked by IP 🙁

  • Sporty

    I’ve logged into my JP and EU accounts and played around in their home spaces before without a problem.

    Hell, I was in the JP beta and used it in the US after they started the mass invites, never got a US beta invite but the JP client started working on the US.

    Haven’t logged into home since the opened it up for everyone though so not sure if it’s changed.