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Average Game Console Usage – PS3/360 Lead |

Here is how it breaks down, but these numbers are averaged over the course of this study.

Average player using the console
PS3 – 10.6%
360 – 10.2 %
Wii – 6.8 %

Average days used
360 – 7.1 Days
PS3 – 6.8 Days
Wii – 5 Days

Daily average number of sessions
PS3 – 2.74 Sessions
360 – 2.15 Sessions
Wii – 1.78 Sessions

How does this compare to your console usage?

Nielsen report reveals average game console usage

  • Darrin

    The third stat is very clear, but the first two are cryptic… 7.1 average days used? Is that 7.1 days per month? What does 10.6% average player mean?

  • Hentaku

    I’m going to guess it’s over a month as the study itself does not clarify the length of the study. So it would be 7.1 days out of a month.

    The 10.6 average is “The active user percent tells us how often a person used their console out of the total amount of time the console could have been used during the measurement period.” As the study does not clarify the length of the study, and uses such hypothetical situations to calculate. I, personally, take this study with a grain of salt.

  • Some corrections have been made to the numbers:

    Do your numbers reflect it? I don’t have much time to compare…

  • Lordincubus

    Not going to lie and don’t want to sound like a bum, but my system is used atleast 6 out of the 7 days of the week.

    Do these results take into consideration the usage of things like the internet/Blu-ray on the ps3, or the netflix on a 360.

  • i “use” my ps3 pretty much everyday. if not for gaming, i turn it on for internet TV (mostly) or dvd/blu-ray.