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X-Men Origins:Wolverine – The first true Wolverine game. |

Spoiler below


You get to fight a 200 foot tall Sentinel! Hopefully you can climb on him and cut him to pieces. I like they are going the violent route with Wolverine. That’s how Wolverine is, true he’s a Hero, but he is still a killer. You can rips enemies to shreds in gory detail. If your wondering where all the gore is in the screenshots and trailers, there is none. Not sure why they are holding back showing us that, can’t be much worse than God of War violence.

Anyway, I’m still looking forward to it. They actually took some of the game story and put it into the actual movie. Not sure if that’s good or not yet, lol. Honestly I’m not getting my hopes up to high for the movie. But the game, I’m excited for. Oh, and my chops looks better than the sound designer 😛

Joystiq hands-on: X-Men Origins: Wolverine


  1. The film is coming soon and thegame as same as the film is very exciting

    thank you for sharing


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