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SCEA Koller on Microsoft’s First Party Studios |

In an interview, SCEA hardware marketing boss John Koller, says:

“Microsoft has had a much more lenient policy to writing cheques than we do”

“We don’t feel the need to write cheques necessarily with every publisher, like they did with the Lost and Damned and some other titles, because we feel very strongly in our first-party line-up.”

First, it’s generally a better idea to speak positively about your own products rather than speak negatively about competition, but more to the point…

Microsoft’s position is intentional. They don’t want to be in the content business. They want to be in the technology infrastructure business. They want to own all technology used to author games, sell games, and play the games: the protocols, languages, APIs, and codecs. They want to earn toll-keeper fees from the traffic that rides on top of their platform.

This is Microsoft’s position with


Microsoft has custom music codecs, e-commerce tech, and playback tech, but they clearly have no interest in managing individual music artists.


Microsoft has custom movie codecs (VC-1), authoring software, playback technologies (Silverlight, Windows Media, Zune), and they’ve done extensive lobbying to push those into popular use, but they aren’t involved (and don’t want to be involved) in funding or managing movie production.


They aggressively promote their own authoring tools (Visual Studio IDE, Microsoft programming languages, and DirectX APIs), e-commerce platform, and playback technology (Xbox, Live, Zune, etc). However, they don’t want to be involved with the actual content production. They will buy exclusive content, but only when necessary to drive traffic to their technology platform

  • Mike

    Agreed 100%. Microsoft has closed some of their studios for the simple fact that they know they’re not a content creation company when it comes to entertainment. Sony is a CE and entertainment content company, Microsoft is a software and IT infrastructure company.

    Koller is somewhat right about not wasting money on fickle third party publishers (for all of Microsoft’s efforts, they remain a far distant #2, just as they were last gen) but for Microsoft is makes more sense to secure “safe” releases that sure to sell a particular amount of units. Sony is doing the opposite with a lot of their PSN stuff. The two companies don’t really have similar goals in this respect.

  • Dave

    Distant second – how do you figure that? As much as I love my PS3. Microsoft has clearly got the better library of games.

  • Distant second, because there’s wii. PS3 is distant third.

    Also, I think PS3 games are more diverse and suits me better.. The library of PS3 is no joke, it has several new original IP’s that are excellent games.

  • A close third, sorry 🙂

  • I’m sorry but the Wii shouldn’t even be included as a next gen system. I thought next gen was about the age of HD and all that jazz. The Wii is a toy. Even Enix says so.

  • Darrin

    Dave, I disagree. I think PS3 is delivering better titles than the 360 by at least 2 to 1. I’ll avoid listing titles or anything, but I’d actually be curious if you could explain why you think that in a friendly way.