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March 2009 Sales |


USA Software Sales

Game Title Platform US Sales
RESIDENT EVIL 5 360 938000
HALO WARS 360 639000
MLB ’09: THE SHOW PS3 305000
KILLZONE 2 PS3 296000

Quick comments

  • PS3:360 USA March 2009 Install Base Ratio (approx): 0.4932
  • PS3:360 USA March 2009 RE5 Sales Ratio: 0.6237
  • PS3:360 USA March 2009 Killzone 2:Halo Wars Ratio: 0.4632

Killzone 2 sales are a surprising disappointment.

This isn’t about game quality and it’s not about system price. Looking at the RE5 platform ratios and the overall install base ratios, clearly PS3 owners are buying games, but Sony isn’t able to manufacture game brands that resonate with US kids like Microsoft repeatedly has with Call of Duty, Gears of War, and Halo.

  • Killzone 2 should have done much better, ah well.

  • Yeah. I expected more from KZ2. Gotta be the lack of advertisment. I’ve seen more comercials for RE5 and MLB than KZ2. They advertised the heck out of MGS4.

  • Mike

    Two things – Microsoft didn’t develop Gears or Call of Duty. They publish Gears.

    I’d say system price is still an issue. A game is going to get pushed at retail in proportion to what it can sell. RE5 was all over the place at every single Gamestop in March, they knew there was a good probability that anybody walking in there own one of or both of the HD systems. I doubt Killzone got as much of a push being exclusive to the most expensive system.

    This is not to say Killzone would automatically equate RE5 in sales, that game has thirteen years of branding to help it, but the system price is impacting the sales, and the hardware sales impact the software sales.

    No Resistance Retribution present tells me Sony is probably right to move to digital distribution to curb piracy, and lack of GTA DS is either odd or predictable, can’t figure out which. Both games came out March 17th so it is not like the windows was too small for either to get sales.

  • I think that a large part of Killzone 2’s lack of sales is demographics. On average, PS3 owners are older than 360 owners. I have no data to back this up, but I’d think that shooters appeal more to the young, present company excepted of course. 🙂

  • Where the PS3 stands now it sold 218,000 X $400 = $87,200,000 and the cheapest 360, the one I’ll assume everyone is buying, 330,000 X $200 = $66,000,000 (X360).

    When you break it down Sony’s still doing well even though nothing seems to want to move HW like MGS4 did.

  • Trieloth

    Yeah the sales are terrible, the xbox people seem to be having a hay day over this stuff. But the 36zero is STILL doing horrible in Japan even though they have all the JRPGs on there side. Could you imagine if the tables were turned and the PS3 had all them JRPGs. They wouldnt sell a few hundred a month. As always I can careless about the US numbers cuz this is xbox land…pretty much.

  • Rich

    Ok, so KZ2’s sales are not as great as people wanted. IMHO, it’s still sold well. I don’t understand why people are shocked that Halo Wars sold more though…

  • ehandlr

    break down from last month…everything dropped

    Wii – 753K 601K -20%
    360 – 391K 330K -16%
    DS – 588K 563K -4%
    PS3 – 276K 218K -21%
    PSP – 199K 168K -16%
    PS2 – 131K 112K -15%
    TOTAL 2338K 1992K -15%

  • Darrin

    KZ2 sales aren’t terrible. The game itself is great, the critical reception is very positive, multiplayer is very popular, but it’s not even close to triggering a fad among kids like the 360 has with CoD, Halo, Gears.

    BTW, I’ve heard the average 360 sales price is around $290, indicating the the $300 SKU is most popular.

    360 does not have all the JRPGs on their side in Japan. Actually in terms of western English releases they do, but if you include Japan-only releases like Yakuza 3 (JRPG brawler), Demon Souls, and White Knight Chronicles, PS3 has a better selection of JRPGS.

  • JimmyMagnum

    its opposite land! PSP and DS are about even in Japan, but US prefers DS. The biggest shocker is actually PS3 and Wii’s Japan sales. PS3 is killing the Wii (360 no surprise), but in US, it’s completely opposite. I still dont know why the Wii is still selling like crazy when there are very few (decent to good) games for it. Obviously Japan finally got their head in the game and started supporting the PS3 more, despite the Wii being so much cheaper. Even with the price of the PS3, they’re still getting some solid numbers on there, but the 360 and Wii advertising campaigns topple that of Sony’s, hence why sales are still generally good.