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What do you want in a God of War III CE? |


I got this survey the other day about what people would want in a God of War III Collectors Edition. For completing the survey you get this wallpaper. Anyway I thought I’d share what some of the interesting options are.

* Full game soundtrack
* God of War and God of War II on Blu-ray disc
* God of War and God of War II cinematic movie compilation
* Access to exclusive downloadable content
* Kratos Statue/Figurine/Bust

Me personally would like to see the God of War I and II games and cinematic movie compilation on a Blu-ray disc. Even if it was a secondary Blu-ray disc from the main God of War III game. What would you like to see in a God of War III CE?

For those interested here is the full survey

  • Darrin

    The first three sound great. I would want minor PS3 improvements to GoW1+2 as well like basic resolution + sound upgrades.

    I also loved the behind the scenes footage that came with the first two.

  • JimmyStewart

    Still dying to get ahold of this game. Outside of Blu-Ray half the reason I bought a PS3. It will be the game of the year for me (and first game purchased on the PS3 since Uncharted from the looks of it). I was really disappointed it didn’t come out this year!

    With the options from the survey, God of War 1&2 were my favorite pack in. It would be nice if they’d toss in a better looking version of Chains of Olympus so I didn’t need to keep my PSP around anymore. I also like the ideas of the keychain/necklace/shirt options. A soundtrack and art book seem a little boring, but seem like a more traditional fit.

    I’m glad they’re asking for input, hopefully it makes the CE that much better when it releases. That’s an immediate pre-order from me.

  • Trieloth

    I want a T-Shirt everthing else is kinda , meh. The action figure would be cool but I have enough of those.

  • yodaddy

    anything kratos… any eta on release date ?

  • Nothing concrete yet.

  • Sinlock

    Would love to see GOW1&2 get a BR/PS3 release. That way people with out a PS2 or a Gen1/Gen2 PS3 can play. DLC could be cool if it’s someting like extra skins with powerups like CoO (Potato of War) or Some kind of unlockable content for HOME.

    Also would like the Soundtrack as I like having GOW2 on my iPod.

  • i wonder what they mean exactly when they say GOW 1&2 on blu-ray. would these be the original games, with built-in ps2 emulation in software (since newer ps3s lack backward compatibility)? which makes one wonder what the state of pure software ps2 emulation is on the ps3, and if it is going to return soon. or if it possibly heralds the appearance of ps2 software on PSN.

    if they mean versions remade for PS3, would they even have time to do that? i wonder…