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The Lord of the Rings trilogy on Blu-ray at last |

No exact release date other than this year. You can pre-order it from Amazon for $69 now at least. According to Amazon it’s a 7 disc set.

The only potentially negative news here is that the films will be presented in their theatrical versions instead of the more popular (and more faithful) extended versions.

Figures, so will you wait for the extended version or get this version? I have never seen the extended version myself. Am I missing out?

  • Hentaku

    I will wait for the extended version!

  • huh

    yes. you are missing out big time on the extended versions, if you ask me. it adds so much more to the movie, which is a lot of things they left from the book.

  • mcloki

    Just a way for the studio to get the double dip on sales. The blue rays should be big enough to hold both versions. And at 7 discs for three movies. Yikes that a huge set.
    And for release date. Just in time for Christmas.

    Hey speaking of 7 disc sets. Maybe should have a contest to see how many disks FF13 is going to fit on for the 360 version

  • lol, mmm, I guess 3.

  • Stephen

    My guess is 360 will have a 4 disc version of FFXIII, that’s assuming FFXIII will only be one BD disk on PS3

  • mcloki

    I can easily see FF13 coming in on 2 Blurays. If MGS almost took up the disk. Square loves cinematics like fat kids like ice cream. Expect hours of the stuff.

  • Smegmazor

    I’ll wait for the extended version. I own them on DVD now and they’re fantastic.

  • Sinlock

    I for one will wait till hell freezes over before I would ever buy a non-extended version. I’ll get them on Netflix to see how the transfer looks. I’ll likely wait there is a Super Boxset with The Hobbit-Hobbit/LOTR bridge, LOTR:Extended. Will likely have like 15 disks. 3 for each LOTR and 2each for the Two Hobbits.

  • Yeah I will wait for the extended plus The Hobbit

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