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MAG Gameplay Trailer |

It will be very impressive if they can pull this off with little to no lag. Looks fun though.

  • Darrin

    Lag is a minor annoyance in most of today’s net games: I don’t see this as the issue.

    I just want to see Mag deliver an experience beyond the swarms of other multiplayer shooters on the market. Will this deliver a high level of strategy that we don’t see in other games? That’s the challenge.

  • MasulsaisRight

    Looks great!

    Looks like an Modern Warfare Warhawk game.

  • ehandlr

    The graphics are very underwhelming.

  • Klink

    Real gamers shouldn’t care about graphics. Game play should be their number one priority. Most game developers don’t see beyond that but my hopes are that Zipper will stand ahead of the pack and focus on incredible game play. My one issue with Call of Duty is that it wasn’t organized enough unless you happened to be part of a clan that took pride in teamwork and strategic planning rather than run and gunning or camping. Hopefully Zipper will go beyond this with their 8 person squad dealie and make a truly perfect game.

  • Jason

    first person? that’s disappointing to me.

  • ehandlr

    “Real Gamers” enjoy all aspects of gaming including graphics. I don’t feel that we should have one or the other….in this day and age there is no reason we can’t have all of the above.

    Sure they are in early development…but they shouldnt’ have released these images.

  • mcloki

    Graphics these days are just art styles. So it’s a subjective choice. no right or wrong. I hope the game will be good but my concern is with finding even 8 people to play with. The biggest variable in this game is the player. Everyone has met idiots online. Now they have a chance to really much up a game. hopefully there is some way to self police these games.

  • First person is a draw for me versus third person. Third person is just too cumbersome.

  • Legion

    The concept of having many squads working individual goals to achieve the same victory will be a welcome addition to a FPS. And a game like this has to be first person to prevent chaos. Will buy on day 1.

  • Ya, it will help organize the chaos more that’s for sure.

  • firefighter2009

    The are creating the game/ servers to self police itself. It goes through during the gameplay searching for annomalies and getting rid of them. Checking things such as rate of fire/ speed/ life/ etc.