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Sony to show off new motion controller at E3? |

There are rumors that Sony will be showing there new motion controller at E3 this year. One thing that I can confirm 100% is that they do indeed have a motion controller and they have been working on it for a couple years.

A source from Kombo late last month suggested key third-party developers have already been brought up to speed and asked to implement the functionality into their upcoming titles.

I know of at least one developer that had this early prototype last year. But I can’t say who sorry. Hopefully they have some cool games to show off the new technology. Rumors are microsoft will be showing a motion controller at E3 this year as well. Should be an interesting show this year. It’s about a month away now.

So would you purchase a Sony motion controller? Would it depend on the games that implement it? My only fear is that it will have the “success” the PSEye has. It’s great tech, but it’s barely been used so far. I really like the PSEye myself (I liked the Eye Toy too).

PlayStation 3 motion-sensing controller to be shown off at E3?

  • riZe-

    You don’t mean the Sixense do you? I thought they scrapped that. Maybe it’s a new one but idk. Here’s the link to the sixense

  • It’s more Wii ish, but more accurate.

  • Sporty

    Maybe they will actually use the PSEye for something now. Bought that for Burnout mugshot trophies and haven’t touched it since.

    At least I hope it’s the PS Eye plus wand. kinda sounds like it from the patent and other descriptions.

  • It’s the PSEye wand thing. Ya, PSEye and burnout is a fun way to use it. But I don’t really play that game right now.

  • ehandlr

    I want nothing to do with motion on any console…..