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PS3 Version of Final Fantasy XIII will have 2 audio tracks, 360 only 1 |

Blu-ray will have room for both the Japanese voice track and the English one. Wonder if you select Japanese audio if you have the option for subtitles. If so that’s how I would play the game.

In a recent Q&A with IGN, FFXIII producer Yoshinori Kitase explained that without the kind of memory available on Blu-ray, there’s simply not enough room on the 360 to implement two vocal tracks. He added, “Are there many people who would like to play with Japanese voices?” Well, gang? Are there?

Not that this will matter to most people, but nice to have the option. Would you use the Japanese audio if given the choice?

Xbox 360 version of FFXIII may be monolingual

  • Yup, and I’ve got a PS3, so sounds like I’ll be getting the best end of this deal 😉

  • ehandlr

    Well unfortunately this is not a confirmation so thread title is a little misleading. However I hope the PS3 version does run dual language.

  • Ceidz

    Not for me, but I have at least one friend that was quite happy about this feature ! Good for us 🙂

  • chrysostom

    i will be surprised if they come out with dual language. MGS4 tried to do that but failed because Blu-ray does not have enough storage for both languages and they don’t want to sacrifice audio quality.

  • I always missed the original voice work in previous titles, my Japanese unfortunately isn’t good enough to play the original titles, next to that I can’t read it :/

    I’m very happy to see that nowadays, and obviously thanks to BluRay, I can play the games in the original language, as the creators of the games intended it and read the subs.

    The reason for me to not buy any naruto game, except for the last (Ninja Storm) is because the games shipped with mediocre English voiceovers

  • I thought the last Naruto on PS3 had the option for Japanese audio with English subs?

  • I was so hyped for FFXIII until I imported the demo. It’s like FFXII all over again. I just couldn’t get into the battle system.

  • ehandlr

    chrysostom. MGS4 was a different animal. Kojima set that goal to use the entire 50 gigs. If you remember…Heavenly Sword had 8 language tracks I believe. Even SE said it was possible on blu-ray…just not on DVD-9.

    Naruto did come dual language.

    With that said….If MS can’t have it…I’m willing to bet that SE will not put it on the PS3 version either.


    I am wanting the Japanese voices aswell. All RPG games that have been on the 360 than brought to the PS3 have had the added Japanese voices and FFXIII should be no different. PS3 owners should not have to miss out because the 360 isn’t as good.

    And the message above saying that the FFXIII demo is like FFXII al over again, FFXII was a fantastic game, i was addicted to it. So no problems for me there.


    If FFXIII does not release with the Japanese voice over, I really wish Microsoft would take there money, piss off and leave big games to big consoles. Microsoft is ruining everything for us PS3 owners. They might not care, but we do.


    Hell yeah I would prefer playing it in Japanese than English version. it’s just a preference though really, but the English voices doesn’t seem so bad.

    For me, I enjoyed FF X thousand times more when I played it in Japanese voices than in english. I don’t know if the english voice acting was very bad in FF X but that’s my opinion anyway.

  • Andor

    Well, you always fantasize about the day someone asks you, and then when it happens you’re never quite ready for it.

    The answer is: unmistakable, unequivocal, absolutely, never-been-more-sure-of-anything-in-my-life, YES. Oh dear God yes. YES YES YES YES YES!

    English dubbing in anything makes me feel like someone raped my soul.

    So please Square-Enix, for the love of God, PLEASE put Japanese voice tracks in FFXIII!

  • Chelsea

    I would love it if Final Fantasy XIII had the option for the voices to be in Japanese, im not to keen on the English ones (not that there bad, i just prefer Japanese, its not a language i hear everyday (: )
    But anyway, please put the option to change the language (but keep the subtitles English xD)

  • Timotus

    It would be so nice to have those japanese audios too. English dubs don’t suck i can live with it, but still i really prefer japan audio.
    Oh and the mouth movement doesn’t fit at all with english since it’s not originally made for it.

  • John

    YES. I wouldn’t even buy the game if it weren’t for the dual audio. It just doesn’t feel right without the japanese audio.

  • r6OXgm Excellent article, I will take note. Many thanks for the story!

  • John

    I just got my copy of Final Fantasy XIII, but I can’t get any japanese audio. Is it possible to get the japanese audio somehow? If anybody knows, please tell!

  • Notricious

    There is news about the all mighty word about the fact that there are NO but i repeat NO japanese voice options are available.

    The fact is that because of stinkin microsoft(as always those losers always ****** it up for the rest of the world) also the ps3 verion has no japanese voices.

    Because the limited space that the 360 fags have we (PS3 owners) also gets punished.

    Microsoft wanted an equal game.

    So what they don’t have we don’t get.

    even tho our space is much much much more we are getting punished too

    so every site that still states that we have japanese voices go do some research and complaining at microsoft while your at it

    just because microsoft don’t know how to make a decent console doesn’t mean we have to suffer for their screw ups

  • kotomi

    Just got the game today and found out no language option. I have the ps3. Microsoft sucks…..if they can’t make a console that good enough why punish everyone else…..

  • omg…

    the japanese audio was all i really wanted from the game. i was even going to buy a ps3 just because of it.. and i dont even play tv console games… damn T___T

  • John

    I don’t want to play the game anymore. The english voice actors are really, really poor. I feel like throwing up everytime “Vanilla” says something. I really hope that Sony could upload the japanese audio on PS-Store or something. That way I don’t have to force myself to play the game.

  • Notricious

    John: I don’t want to play the game anymore. The english voice actors are really, really poor. I feel like throwing up everytime “Vanilla” says something. I really hope that Sony could upload the japanese audio on PS-Store or something. That way I don’t have to force myself to play the game.  

    I stop playing final fantasy because of the voices but when i heard they would have japanese voice i pre-order my collectors edition but after i found out that even teh ps3 version did not get japanese voices i was already to late to cancel my pre-order.

    Now the game is sittin there on the shelf serving as a dust collector.

    I still can not understand why they would do such a thing the game was made based on japanese voices the characters live on the emotions of the japanese language.

    English language can not translate the full emotion that the game realy tells.

    and final fantasy is a BIG A compared to eternal sonata and the last remnant.

    Both of them have japanese voices the last remnant is even dual language.

    So i still can;t understand a B titel as the last remnant who is also form Square enix has dual language but a big A titel like Final fantasy XIII lacks it.

    it really makes no sense at all

  • Otono Kakuei

    Nooo.. Damn it, I thought PS3 was going to have a dual language version of this game.. T.T
    I just can’t understand the reason why microsoft asks Square Enix to do such thing.. It’s not like Square Enix will obtain more profit, when SE (Square Enix) does what Microsoft told SE to do.. I believe more player would be grateful to have the dual version of this game.. TT.TT
    I can’t express how sad I am, hearing this news..

  • frevv

    I would definitely support Japanese audio with english subtitle. I have always preferred original audio to dubs as I think original voice cast are able to relayed the emotions better, and sometimes the meaning is lost when it’s dubs. i.e in ff-x, at the end of the game, in Japanese version Yuna actually says “Arigatou” to Tidus which speaks a lot (thank you for being there, for teaching me love, etc etc) whereas in English version Yuna said “I Love You” which a bit cheesy I think. Also, I feel that sometimes the english voice cast are not chosen properly, an adult voice for a small child’s/teenager’s character is just plain weird. So it would be really good if they come out with english subtitle instead of english dubs.