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Red Dead Redemption Details |

The big surprise to me, is that I have been expecting a game like Red Dead Revolver which was cute and fun, but instead this is going to be a GTA transplant game like Bully.

If you aren’t familiar with Bully, they basically took the whole GTA game structure including the technology, the mission structure, exploration and side missions, and transplanted it from GTA’s urban crime setting to a schoolyard setting. For fans of GTA writing or gameplay, it was a great game.

With Red Dead Redemption they are taking GTA4 and transplanting it to a western setting, and adding a variety of improvements. BTW, the earlier title, Red Dead Revolver, was mostly developed outside of Rockstar who bought it late in development to complete and ship it.

IGN has a really in depth interview with Rockstar VP Dan Houser. To summarize some of the highlights:

  • Roughly the same massive quantity of dialog as GTA4.
  • Customized character AI to fit western setting.
  • Compared with GTA4, this title will feature iterative improvements to various gameplay elements, narrative, technology, and multiplayer modes.
  • They are aiming for a balance between historical accuracy and entertainment. One example Mr Houser cited were switching from polite bloodless deaths portrayed in most western movies to more unpleasant and realistic violence.


This sounds excellent. I was sorry to have missed the GTA4 expansion (currently 360 exclusive but hopefully that’s a timed exclusive that will soon expire), but this looks much bigger and better. This is easily at the top of my most anticipated 2009 games.

  • Sounds cool actually. Can you ride horses, wagons, etc?

  • JimmyMagnum

    yeah. you can also take trains and stuff too. As a matter of fact, horses are the main mode of transportation, and you can lasso a wild horse and break and tame it as well to have as your own. I am greatly excited for this game. Ever since the first one came out, I wanted a sequel, then Gun came out, which was pretty good (I still think Activision should pursue a sequel for that). Old West themed games are finally getting the attention they deserve.

  • samManUnited

    Wouldn’t it be great if they would adapt this engine for a deadwood game? Just for kicks. Damn I miss that show.