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PS3 Slimline Spyshots |

Sony predictably denies these.


From member ehandlr:

  • The port access in the rear panel matches up perfectly to the current motherboard design. This doesn’t prove anything…but its of interest.
  • The leaks come from Maintek Computer located in Suzhou, China who does manufacture PS3’s. The company issued a cease and desist order on the the chinese website that first posted the images.
  • PSP-3000 leaked from the same manufacturer 3 weeks before it was announced. It is almost exactly 3 weeks until E3 as it is now.
  • Last a NeoGaf inside source known as “Sin”, who has given exact information on previous Sony annoucnments previously has stated this is true and they are looking at a September release

The final slimline model may look nothing like these prototype shots and I’m not expecting an E3 announcement but I am convinced that these are real and a slimline PS3 model is in active development.

To review:

  • Both CPU and GPU have already switched from 90nm tech to 65nm tech and 45nm tech should be in mass production this year.
  • Current PS3 motherboards are 2/3 the size of the original motherboard. New revisions will get smaller.
  • Current PS3 units use much less, much smaller, and much cheaper cooling apparatus since the electronics is generating less heat. This will continue with the move to 45nm tech.
  • The PS3 still uses large, full size blu-ray drives, while much smaller lighter blu-ray drives are widely used in new laptops.
  • ehandlr

    I’m going to guess that this will have an external power supply.

  • Mike

    Looks slick. And hooray for ditching the Spiderman font!

  • SicSemperTyranis

    The big question is it going to be cheaper?

  • Talk about a portable playstation. That’s really slim.

  • Darrin

    It’s a safe bet that this will be cheaper. These models will probably be cheaper to manufacture which makes a drop in selling price easier to do.

    Since most consumers have completely stopped buying desktop computers in favor of laptops, why don’t the console makers make a laptop-like console? The PSP/DS are nice, but those are low-powered ultra-portables; more like cell phones than laptops.

  • ehandlr

    Holy!!! If you watch the very end of the HOME trailer for the new apartment one post lower…the new PS3 logo that is found on the PS3 slim is the exact same….

    Not my find btw…I can’t take credit..but wow.

  • i’m confused. i just watched the trailer, and paused it at the end, and to my eyes the PS3 logo is the standard PS3 logo that’s on the spine of every game, not the rounded one that’s on the slim PS3 box. unless i’m looking at the wrong logo…