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Kojima teases us yet again with the ‘Next’ Project |

The teaser website is now live. You can view it here, nothing to see really. Just a barren field, looks good but I don’t see any hidden clues …. do you?

There is also a magazine teaser, which people have claimed to see Snake in the clouds and 2 people off in the distance, and various other things. What do you see? Click either of the images to see the full size.

Some people think it’s hinting at the ‘Next’ Metal Gear game or the ‘Next’ Zone of Enders. Me personally would LOVE to see a next gen Zone of Enders! 😀

I assume that the ‘Next’ website will be updated on May 18th with more info. Let’s hear your thoughts on this mystery.

‘Next’ Kojima project teaser site now open

  • If it’s from Kojima it’s going to be good. I hope it’s something completely new.

  • Trieloth

    Humm if I was to make a guess…Kinda looks like my back yard…I know I know its a Lawn mowing game, woot woot. Look how long the grass is. I have wanted a game like that for soooo long. j/k

    But yeah another Zone of the Enders game please and thank you.

  • Fatalveli

    I took the picture and moved the brightness and contrast around, you can see a face in the right corner of the clouds which looks like Hal Emmerich, has glasses on. And in the middle of the clouds appears to be a metal gear mech type figure.

  • Cool, I’ll have to try that out 🙂


    If you turn the pic 90 degrees and look the the cloud cluster you can see a face. Look closely and u will see hair, a nose, eyes, a mustache, lips and a chin. Looks a lot like Snake to me.

  • Lordincubus
  • Masterofallz


    Uh.. If it was MGS4 for the 360, then why did it say NEXT? That it is completely stupid what you are suggesting. MGS4 coming to 360 rumors have been out since ’07.

  • Rob D.

    Well since when ever the screen flashes with lightning, there is a huge 5 in the middle of the screen. Im going to guess its Metal Gear 5.

  • ehandlr

    Actually I’m hearing it an “S”. The same “S” used in Snatcher and Project S.

  • Somebody have claimed to find the text April 2007 at the bottom of the page.