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Some New JRPG Awesomeness for the PSP |

Anyone remember Lunar The Silver Star Story for Sega-CD or perhaps a later iteration on the PSOne? This is one of my favorite JRPG series growing up back when the Sega Genesis set neatly into this huge sliding CD attachment! Hehe I might have been maybe 14 years old back then.

Not too many PSP games get the attention they deserve which is why I’m here to tell you that you can’t go wrong with this game, especially if you are an old school JRPG fan. I understand that the majority of the news here is PS3 based, but this game definately deserves to break the mold.

From what I can see there has been a significan graphics overhall as well as the battlesystem. Take a look at the images!


  • Hentaku

    Looks awesome. The big question now is, is it going to be brought over?

  • ehandlr

    I’d say its almost definate. Nearly ever Lunar has made it to NA minus a few adaptations of Silver Star Story which were ports and not remakes. Like the Lunar Silver Star Story for Sega Saturn had very few changes.

    Just no idea who will publish it over here. Work Designs is defunct with GaijinWorks is their successor so maybe them. Ubisoft published the Lunar Dragon Song for the DS so they might as well.

  • Stephen

    Althena has answered part of my prayer! Let’s hope this will get brought here.

    I hope this remake will sale well enough and lead to a properly made Lunar 3 on either PS3 or XBOX360.