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Aliens vs Predator 3 – Honoring the classics |

The good news is that they are keeping some of the gameplay elements of AVP2. For example the aliens can still climb on the walls. Wonder if you can play as the face hugger, that was always fun in AVP2. But one negative about that, is when you burst out of there chest sometimes a guy just sits there spawn camping you. So if they do have face huggers I hope they address that issue.

They are also looking back as the classic Predator and Alien films for inspiration. Hope they keep all the predator sounds the same as AVP2, because they nailed it in that game. Still no gameplay video yet, but here are some screens.

Alien vs. Predator Lets You Play as Alien, Predator, or Marine

  • Something tells me this won’t be on the PS3, atleast not for a year. I’ll be glad if I’m wrong though.

  • I haven’t heard of anything that will delay it coming to the PS3.

  • Thanks for the video 🙂

  • Aliens vs Predator 3

    Here is the first gameplay footage.

  • josh

    do that **** is so bad ass they/ yall actually made a game that’s so violent so cool, like u can be any body u want to b that ****, keep it up guys.

    [Edit: I enjoy your enthusiasm, but please watch the language]