Fallout 3 Expansions Coming to PS3!

Until now, the three released Fallout 3 expansions and the upcoming expansions have been Xbox 360 exclusives. Now, Bethesda has announced that all of these expansions will be multi-platform and coming to the PS3 as well.

Expansion Packs

  1. Operation Anchorage
  2. The Pitt
  3. Broken Steel
  4. Point Lookout
  5. Mothership Zeta

These downloadable packs will start coming out in June. In October, a disc-based Fallout 3 GOTY edition ships with the game and all five expansions.

EDIT: These expansions were already available for PC. Thanks guys!

Written by: Darrin - Contributing Editor

  1. #1 by Smegmazor on May 19th, 2009


  2. #2 by Watcher on May 19th, 2009

    Perfect timing. I just finished Fallout 3 roughly 2 weeks ago and hopped on Dead Space. I’ll finish that in time for the ex-pacs… It’s good to know that Besthesda didn’t leave the PS3 high and dry.

    The rumor has been that Microsoft had a timed exclusive on these ex-pacs and it seems like time is up. I’ll be ready jump in head first in June.

  3. #3 by SicSemperTyranis on May 19th, 2009 [ 6405 Points ]

    That’s great news. I’m currently playing through Broken Steel on the 360 right now. Fallout 3 is a great game and if you haven’t tried it I would if I were you.

  4. #4 by Darrin on May 19th, 2009 [ 17143 Points ]

    Honestly, if the DLC expansions start to come out in June, why not just wait for October to get the full GOTY disc with all five expansions for one price?

    This is really good news though.

    I’m also hoping GTA 4 DLC will be the same way (360 timed exclusive which will shortly expire). I can’t wait to try that. OTOH, I’m more excited about Red Dead Redemption which is a whole new GTA-like title.

  5. #5 by Sporty on May 19th, 2009

    I played through the game and traded it in already, But reading the announcement I’m probably better off waiting for the GOTY edition anyways.

    5 DLC at $10 each plus rebuying it or just wait and get the game and every DLC pack for $59… Not much of a choice.

  6. #6 by SL33PY on May 20th, 2009

    *cough* These expansions are also already out on the pc… simultaneously with the xbox*cough*

  7. #7 by Segitz on May 20th, 2009 [ 1470 Points ]

    That’s what I wanted to say too… they are available on PC already…

    Guess I have to import the retail DLC discs, as I have the uncut UK version of Fallout 3…

  8. #8 by Watcher on May 20th, 2009

    We all know that the expansions have been available on the PC and Xbox 360. That’s what Microsoft paid Bethesda to do.

    Just because they’re already available on another platform doesn’t mean the PS3 version is moot. I have Fallout 3 for my PS3 so I’ll get the expansions for it. In the mean time I’ll play other games on my list until they’re released on PSN.

  9. #9 by Jonaskin on May 20th, 2009

    There’s no uncut version of Fallout AFAIK. They were going to censor the Aussie version, but then that ended up being the one they dicided to release worldwide.

    This is great news though. An outstanding game just got even better. Bring on Broken Steel for the increased level cap and ability to play after beating the main quest!

  10. #10 by Segitz on May 22nd, 2009 [ 1470 Points ]

    The German Version of Fallout 3 is cut…

  11. #11 by john on September 9th, 2009

    are they still coming out with it? i havnt seen crap about it since and im kind getting a little impatient.

  12. #12 by Dany on September 22nd, 2009

    #11 John, me neither, I recently bought the “regular” fallout 3 for my PS3, and was hoping they should be downloaded automatically or through playstation network.

    I know the expansions will be available through the Game Of The Year version (GOTY)

  13. #13 by Seth on October 4th, 2009

    okay its October now and everywhere i go to try and buy the expansion packs people tell me its coming out in November of next year???? but every time i ask on a chat people tell me its this year, can anyone tell me when and how to get the GOTY version????

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