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Early Team ICO Game Test Footage |

This is leaked year-old internal video footage from the new Team ICO game, Project Trico. This isn’t a trailer designed for public release. However, it’s an interesting peak at a hotly anticipated game that’s been kept under wraps for quite a long time.

We should see an official unveiling of this game at TGS ’09 in September or very possibly E3.

  • Gary

    Wow fantastic! 😀 I wonder just how close to this the final game will be like. A cross between Ico and SotC. <3

  • Awh. A tale about a boy and his…..whatchamacallit.

  • yodaddy

    makes me think of The Mysteries Cites of Gold! … cartoon that used to me on Nickoledeon … anybody…. hello…

  • My wife actually watched that show on Nickelodeon too. It wasn’t until last year, that she could figure out what the show was called. She was frustrated that Nickelodeon stopped airing the episodes, so she never got to see how it ended.

    She can’t find anyone that remembers it either. I myself have never seen it though. But it seems vaguely familiar.

  • yodaddy

    wow…. I wasn’t the only one !… have her go to utube… search for “mcog”

  • yodaddy

    the show only aired like 2 differ seasons… it was A joint production by a japan & french companies in the 80’s… the vault that held the masters caught fire and burned the masters… so utube I think is the only hope for her. I have heard that you can buy online… but nothing 100% on what you get