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R2 Co-op is Finally Fixed |

Just a small update for all those of you thinking about getting some Resistance 2 action going. If you’ve read my previous posts (here and here and here for example), you’ll know that I wasn’t too impressed. While it showed promise, there were gotchas getting in the way of full enjoyment.

The last, largest, problem was the fact that character progress wasn’t being tracked properly. I’m happy to say that this problem has been fixed as of a recent patch, and now my friend Steve and I are leveling up accordingly. We also tried playing cooperatively online with some strangers. That was a lot of fun.

Tomorrow night (or maybe Saturday night if our schedules change) we’ll be doing the same, hopefully with two other friends as well. If you want to join us, that’d be great. Now that R2 has Home game launching, we’ll be attempting to launch from there.

  • JimmyStewart

    Awesome. I think it’s finally time to pick this one up. First I’ll have to run through R1 with my wife so she can “catch up” with the story so far.

    One question, this does mean that two profiles can now log in at the same time correct? I’d heard that was being fixed in a previous patch, but I never really heard the final word on that. If so, how does it work? I’m assuming it would be in-game only and would require you to type in all your info to sign in… is that the case?

  • To tell you the truth, she doesn’t need to catch up on the story. The co-op mode in Resitance 2 is NOT the main single player story mode but with more than one player. It is a separate mode with separate missions, and doesn’t really have much of a story.

    Note that the co-op mode is geared for more than two players. Steve and I played it with just two, and that left us with no heavy hitter guy, which was a big hole in our team. It was quite difficult at times, and we never did succeed at two of the missions until we went online with others. You HAVE TO have at least a medic, otherwise everyone will die. And you HAVE TO have the Special Ops guy, otherwise you’ll run out of ammo. So while it’s possible to play locally, it’s very difficult. Once we went online, playing split-screen, we had a much better time of it.

    My friend Steve created an account on my PS3, and then he signed into his PSN id with it. That associated his PSN id with the PS3 account on my machine. (Don’t forget to actually use the account before signing in to PSN. It doesn’t switch automatically when you create an account.) When in the game, at a certain point you’ll see something like “P2 Login” in the bottom left corner. Steve hit the Start button, and chose his PS3 profile. Then he was set!

  • francois

    I got the game last week, the single player campaign is great (I am chapter 4). If I am available friday/saturday, I will check if you are playing and will join if there is room available.

    Can players get in and out of a game anytime during coop play?

  • Blackstaffer

    AFAIK, you can drop in and out no problem.

  • Trieloth

    Iam up for some R2 Co-op Henning!! Its the best part of the game for me. MP is absolute BS.

  • thepreppymonk

    Hey yo henning, send me an inv, i’ll join.
    And if anyone wants to play some motorstorm:pacific rift….i just picked it up :]