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Alien vs Predator 3 Teaser Trailer |

They don’t show much in the trailer, but what they did show looks great, assuming that’s game footage. I’m pumped for this game, can’t wait! It’s out in early 2010 on PS3, 360 and PC.

Like with past AVP games there are 3 single player campaigns, and the stories tie into each other. I hope they show this game off a little at E3 🙂

Experience distinctly new and thrilling first person gameplay as you survive, hunt and prey in the deadly jungles and swamps surrounding the damned colony of Freya’s Prospect.

– As the Marine, you’ll experience a claustrophobic and terrifying experience where light is your friend, but there’s never enough. However, the United States Marine Corps are humanity’s last line of defence, and as such they are armed to the teeth with the very latest in high explosive and automatic weaponry.

– As the Predator, you will stalk from the shadows and from above, passing athletically through the treetops to ambush your victims. Although equipped with an array of powerful, exotic weapons and tracking equipment, honour ultimately dictates that you must get in close and take your trophies face to face.

– As the most deadly species in the universe, the Alien offers you the chance to play as the very stuff of nightmares – the monster in the dark swarming forward with countless others, jaws like a steel trap and claws like blades.

– Play all sides off against each other in a series of unique 3-way online modes and go tooth-to-claw-to-pulse rifle in the reinvention of one of multiplayer gaming’s defining moments.

  • Sinlock

    This is a buy, even if it gets bad reviews. Don’t even care that it has multiplayer. I’m not saying that I’m not going to take Tosh’s head as a trophy….it’s just going to be a bonus. 🙂

  • Oh really, well I was very good with Predator back in the AVP2 days 🙂

  • SicSemperTyranis

    Well, lets hope that it’s better than the Alien vs. Predator movies.

  • Sinlock

    Yes the AvP movies were lacking. I’ve seen a bad copy of the first cut of the original AvP before FOX cut it to shreads to give it a PG-13 raiting 3 weeks before release. As for the second movie……. 🙁 Where would I start?

  • Day one buy for me… I used to enjoy the AVP on the Atari Jaguar – happy memories, and my wife learnt to make the Predator clicking noise (which she now uses to alert me when I’ve pissed her off)…

  • lol, that’s awesome.

  • Trev

    lol matt!

    day one for me also. i loved the pc games. i would tear it up as an alien 😀