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Heavy Rain Gameplay |

The idea behind Heavy Rain is very interesting. I’m definitely picking this one up. Check out the gameplay and see what you think.

Gameplay Footage Part 1

Gameplay Footage Part 2

Developer Interview Part 1

Developer Interview Part 2

Finally a Heavy Rain gameplay footage ‘UPDATE’ more gameplay videos plus dev interview

  • teflon6678

    Whilst the graphics in that particular demo arent quite as nice as those in the house demo from last year (which, incidentally, I hope they release as the demo, or as DLC down the line), and KZ2 has come out and really shone, this still looks great.
    I dont know if its shown in any of those vids, but theres also a night club scene which are shown in an interview which looks spot on.

    Theres so many very clever ideas to attempt to immerse the player in the game, from “not thinking straight” being represented by words flying around your character and letters blurring/being mis-spelt, to having to press an increasingly more uncomfortable and awkward set of buttons when doing a difficult task, kind of like twister for your fingers and faster.

    And finally! QTEs which let you fail and the game carries on! I mean, not since QTEs first appeared in Shenmue (to which there will no doubt be some comparisons) have they actually changed or developed. Since this game basically relies on QTEs for the action, having the branching story figure around how well you do the QTEs is exactly the right way to go about it.

    So yeah, Im excited about this game. It looks fantastic.
    My only complaint is that its not coming till next year 🙁

  • teflon6678

    That nightclub scene is after the link. It shows about a hundred characters on screen at once, none dancing in sync, none wearing the same thing, on first glance they also look to be dancing in time with one another. KZ2’s engine probably wouldnt handle that number of characters all at once, so any graphics decrease is easily explained by how much bigger the game will scale.

  • Graphics took a step back, still an interesting title.

  • Blackstaffer

    Not my cup of tea. I’d be pretty bored playing this.

  • But since i almost only play storybased games (and loved Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy) I am going to play this games as soon as possible which, unfortunately, can’t be soon enough.

  • JimmyMagnum

    imight at least rent it. do a quick playthrough with everyone dying lmao

  • riZe-


  • Darrin

    Looks awesome. The QTEs look way better than I thought they would have. I love the idea of a fresh take on a heavily branching story-centric game.

    The characters/dialog looked b-movie level, but the game design looked extremely good. I can’t wait to pick this up