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PlayTV review. |

PlayTV is a neat little gadget that allows European PS3 users to watch and record TV on the PS3. Its an external USB TV Tuner which you plug into your aerial into and then a USB socket on the PS3. Once installed it can be accessed under a new XMB section called TV. It allows you to pause and rewind TV on the fly as well as see what is on over the next 7 days. Other features include being able to watch using your PSP (I don’t own one so was unable to test), a dual tuner allowing you to record one channel whilst watching another and you can even back up your videos onto an external device. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like you can view the files on any other computer but its nice to be able to backup your video at least. The standout feature of the device though is the ability to record TV whilst playing games, a pop-up alerts you when it starts and finishes recording. You can also watch a recording whilst it is recording if you only missed the start and do not with to wait until the end.

Overall I couldn’t recommend this highly enough. It works well and does everything you could expect it too. Feel free to post any questions in the comments below and if you’re wondering why you haven’t seen one of these about in America and Japan that is due to areas transmitting in DVB/T.

PlayTV contents;

  • Well… since DVB-T is pretty much non-existant in Germany (there are only the public channels, and they aren’t what you’d call “youth friendly”…

    If they’d release a DVB-C or S version, i’d consider buying it!

  • Trieloth

    Seen videos for this a while ago, reminds me of Tivo…looks really cool even though I dont watch TV.

  • Andy

    Looks great, the problem with these tools (such as MythTV etc), is that the lack of an up to date program guide…for Australia at least. I hope they sort that out or do a deal locally before they release it here.

  • Trev

    trieloth, it is pretty much exactly like tivo from what i understand.

    andy? do you mean the program scheduling? this features the next 7 days in the guide which i mentioned above.

  • giz

    totally agree with segitz.

    even in some large cities you can only get the public – lame – channels ~.~

    but e.g. in Austria it works fine, dunno the rest of europe

  • Kris

    I live in the UK and have sky. Would play tv work with my set up or do I need to get sky+?

  • The big problem is that DVB-T is actually only really used in the UK, elsewhere the only channels that broadcast in DVB-T are the state channels which offer only limited channels and limited entertainment quality.

    Sony needs to release a DVB-C version of Play TV in order to get me hooked

  • Kevin

    You would not need sky+, this work independant to Sky, via your PS3.

    TV aerial (Capable of Receiving Freeview TV), into rear of PlayTV box,
    USB PlayTV – PS3
    Visual Output uses existing PS3 connection to your TV 🙂

    When it does HD i’ll consider it.

  • alisound

    @kevin. it can recieve HD. but our freview isnt broadcasting HD in the uk yet. it does upscale to 1080p though which is nice.

  • Dom

    A fantastic piece of kit!! Well worth the investment, as with it you’ll be able to watch HD TV when it comes to Freeview 😀

    Another good thing I like about it is how responsive it is, sky can be really slow, lagging between button presses and response on screen.

    Can’t see why you’d pay for a HD Freeview receiver when you could get this for half the price 🙂

  • DrewBoy

    Hi all,

    Want to buy this product, my question is before i purchase is, I own a japenese spec playstation 3 (was a present).

    Is the Play TV compatible with my machine?


  • janne

    onko ps3 tullut play tv DVB-C mallina? jos on niin missähän niitä olisi myynnissä?

  • Yo Joe

    Hi DrewBoy

    I own a Japanese PS3 and live in Australia, I installed PlayTV no problems.