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Poll: Are You inFamous? |

I just sold my PS2 system, and with the proceeds I bought inFamous and Sacred 2, with some cash to spare for yet more. Do you guys (and girls!) plan to pick up inFamous?

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Last Poll’s Results:

Do you want a new motion controller for the PS3?

* Depends on the games: 41% (42)
* No: 22% (22)
* Yes: 21% (21)
* Motion Sucks!: 17% (17)

Total Votes : 102

  • Nope, the demo convinced me, that it isn’t the right game for me… Dunno, just didn’t like it, and since I am short on cash anyways, I rather wait till it gets cheaper or just rent it.

    I still have my PS2 btw… dunno, I had it for 8 years now, don’t want to give it away (nobody would give me cash for it anyways, since it is quite broken, but still “works”).

  • Blackstaffer

    I’m the opposite. I never buy single player games, but the demo convinced me to buy it.

    As to my PS2, I included a lot of stuff in the bundle, so I think it was a good deal for both of us. I don’t need it anymore, and if I DO want to play a PS2 game, I can still do it on the PS3.

  • Stephen

    Not going to pick it up. I was very interested in the game until I played the demo.

    It feels like it is going to be very repetitive like GTA IV. The graphics of inFamous is also not as good as expected (the edges are so aliased).

  • hentaku

    Yeap, I’m getting it.

  • Trieloth

    Iam always up for some co-op sacred 2 Henning. Iam getting inFamous today cuz it rocks and I have to wait for the ho hum Prototype (which looks way more repetative IMO).

  • giz

    u forgot an option:

    [x] Yes, when it’s cheaper