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Did Sony Blow Their PS3 Suprises Before E3? |

Over the past month or so, Sony has launched a full blown media blitz with tons of preview footage, interviews, and gameplay details on pretty much all of its big, upcoming (announced) PS3 games such as Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, PixelJunk Shooter, MAG, Fat Princess, DC Universe, and White Knight Chronicles. We’ve also heard tons of details on DLC and patches for all their recent big releases, tons of updates and details on PlayStation Home, they shipped one of their bigger PSP games earlier this month with Patapon 2, and they’ve shipped Infamous, one of their big internally developed PS3 titles ahead of schedule, all before E3.

So, is there anything left or did Sony pretty much shows us all the goods before the show started? It’s safe to expect a few things:

  • Details on God of War 3 and the new Ratchet & Clank game which haven’t been extensively previewed lately. Also, maybe something substantial is finally coming from the Gran Turismo series?
  • New game reveals. There should definitely be a few of these
  • New PSP hardware? Almost everyone seems highly confident in these rumors. And new hardware would be accompanied by new software.
  • PS3 slimline? This has been heavily rumored but there’s a good chance this won’t happen until later this year.

Usually, companies hoard all their big news and surprises in the months leading up to E3 for one colossal news and surprise overload. This seems to be what Microsoft and Nintendo are doing: both of them have been really quiet all year and are making rather large claims about an epic E3 showing. However, Sony seems to be breaking from this strategy.

  • Alright E3 prediction Time. My favourite time of the year.
    Let’s start with the crazy ones first.

    1. Sony teams with Blockbuster to deliver a 360/Netflixs competitor.
    2. Sony finally gets Apple to release the Itunes store on the PS3. Quicktime ported to PS3. UPNP joy ensues.
    3. Next Ratchet and Clank is motion controlled. Insomniac shows Nintendo how Super Mario Galaxy should have looked in High Def as opposed to the blurry mess it became. How is it possible for primary colours to be burry on an HDTV?
    4. FFXIII dlayed till the 360 version is completed. Fall 2010.
    5 God of War delivered by Christmas even if the last and final battle has to be delivered as DLC after Christmas.
    6. Disney Theme Park built for Sony HOME.
    7. Someody hints that World of Warcraft is coming to the PS3.
    8. Sony Announces Starcraft 2 exclusive for PS3.

    360 Predictions.
    1. 360 motion controller announced, 360 fanboys hail it a a great victory until they see themselves on Youtube using it.
    2. Lower version of 360 SKU introduced. No Controller. Just a remote control and Netflixs subscription.

    1. Hardcore games once again disappointed. New Legend of Zelda just the same old same old.

    E3 Prediction. The Beatles coverage is overwhelming.

  • I just want a summer release date for WKC annonced @ E3. That’ll make me happy.

  • Ceidz

    +1 for WKC !!!!

  • Ian

    I think there will be quite few surprises from Sony at this years E3. Also, news is different from hands-on impressions of games we’ve only had eyewitness accounts for.

    But, I digress. Sony will have shockers for E3 this year. It’s almost mandatory considering last years E3 and with M$ going first

    Also: +2 for WKC!

  • I think Sony’s approach might be the best one at this time. They have shown a lot of strong stuff and at E3 everyone is already in the hype and they will be able to get their hands on.

    That might create some extra buzz.

    Hopefully they saved the best for last (gow3 amongst other things)

    This might be the best E3 or major games event in general that Sony had in the last 5 years

  • JimmyMagnum

    Are you guys forgetting Kojima Production’s teaser site that keeps counting down with E3 coming up? BAH, guess I have to post it again, because the most recent countdown is a high resolution picture of Big Boss a few years after MGS3 and quite a bit before MGS4. Here’s the teaser site countdown:

    and a high res shot if the pic doesnt show up after a while:
    Militares sans Frontieres (that’s what’s written on his hat)—Military Without Borders—Outer Heaven? Possible MG and MG2 redone for this generation? Here’s hoping we have a trailer at E3, because it’s sooo damn close lol. Countdown ends this Sunday at 4PM PST, but will most likely start another countdown like it did the past 2 times the countdown went out (after they finish, they add more numbers/letters, but on Tuesday, they added the pic of what would most likely be Big Boss).

  • Redoing all of the MGS series in HD would be a good thing. I’d buy that. I also need a few more RPG’s to come out. WKC is high on my list. I’m currently replaying Dragon Quest 8. Come on Level 5 where’s Dark Cloud for this generation.