SCEA Conference Confirmed In PlayStation Home

Sony employee James Gallagher confirmed that you will be able to watch the SCEA press conference in PlayStation Home:

You will be able to watch the SCEA press conference in Home, in a new space called the Presentation Podium. We’re still waiting for confirmation of when.
I know quite a few of you have been asking this question, so apologies for not replying to every one – busy times!

Now, I hope this is going to be more than a simple video feed like the laggy game trailers in the Home movie theater. I hope there is a proper explorable booth, a stage space, live Sony avatars, separate game trailer screens, and a full Home experience beyond what we can already get through web coverage. Great news!

Written by: Darrin - Contributing Editor

  1. #1 by SicSemperTyranis on May 29th, 2009 [ 6405 Points ]

    A virtual reproduction of their E3 booth in Home would be kind of cool.

  2. #2 by Sinlock on May 29th, 2009

    Sweet, looking forward to it. Very glad the HOME is starting to grow into what we hoped it would be. Now all we need is for the Stuff store to open so I can buy a T.V. for my Lakeside apt!!

  3. #3 by JimmyMagnum on May 30th, 2009

    Now, is this going to be a live stream or is going to be put up after it happens?

  4. #4 by JimmyMagnum on May 30th, 2009

    what would be really neat-o is a room with multiple screens showcasing all the new trailers, a different trailer for each screen

  5. #5 by mcloki on May 31st, 2009 [ 2355 Points ]

    it’s going to be a 2 hour delayed broadcast. but should be kind of cool. Maybe they’ll post up the HD video in the playstation store as well like last year.

  6. #6 by Trev on May 31st, 2009 [ 26623 Points ]

    will it be only for american users or will us europeans and the rest of the world get to see it too?

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